Audio CD-Mandisa 3 CD Collection 3 CD Hundley Mandisa

Audio CD-Mandisa 3 CD Collection 3 CD Hundley Mandisa

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With career sales over 1 million albums, The American Idol alum and Grammy award winner continues to be a voice of encouragement and truth to women facing life's challenges. This 3CD Collection features the albums, True Beauty, Freedom, and What If We Were Real. With hit songs like God Speaking,ö My Deliverer,ö and Stronger,ö this collection is a must have for Christian radio fans. Track Listing01. Only The World02. True Beauty03. God Speaking04. Voice Of A Savior05. Love Somebody06. Unrestrained07. Shackles08. Steal My Joy09. Oh My Lord10. Only You11. He Will Come 01. My Deliverer02. How Much03. He Is With You04. The Definition Of Me05. Not Guilty06. Leave It In The Valley07. Victorious08. Broken Hallelujah09. Freedom Song10. Dance, Dance, Dance11. You Wouldn't Cry (Andrew's Song) 01. Stronger02. What if We Were Real03. These Days04. Truth About Me05. Say Goodbye06. Good Morning07. Waiting For Tomorrow08. Just Cry09. Temporary Fills10. Free11. Life Line

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