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Ezekiel (Shepherd's Notes)-Enns Paul

Ezekiel (Shepherd's Notes) Enns Paul The Shepherd's Notes series highlights major themes in simple understandable steps that outline and underscore the biblical text or topic.


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Ezekiel: A 12-Week Study (Knowing The Bible)-Lawrence Michael

Ezekiel: A 12-Week Study (Knowing The Bible) (Mar Lawrence Michael The Knowing the Bible series is a resource designed to help Bible readers better understand and apply GodÆs Word. These 12-week studies lead participants through books of the Bible and are made up of four basic components: (1) reflection questions help readers engage the text at a deeper level; (2) ôGospel Glimpsesö highlight the gospel of grace throughout the book; (3) ôWhole-Bible Connectionsö show how any given passage connects to the BibleÆs overarching story of redemption, culminating in Christ; and (4) ôTheological Soundingsö identify how historic orthodox doctrines are taught or reinforced throughout Scripture. With contributions from an array of influential pastors and church leaders, these gospel-centered studies will help Christians see and cherish the message of GodÆs grace on every page of the Bible.

The book of Ezekiel proclaims GodÆs uncompromising judgment against his rebellious people but also his promise of restoration if they repent. Exposing the depth of IsraelÆs sin, the prophet Ezekiel calls the nation to find forgiveness by turning away from their sin and back to God. Walking through the extensive prophecies of Ezekiel, this study guide will encourage readers to trust in the God who restores the repentant for his glory.


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Ezra Nehemiah And Esther (Teach The Text Commentary Series)-Nykolaishen Dougla

Ezra Nehemiah And Esther (Teach The Text Comment Nykolaishen Dougla This concise, carefully organized commentary for pastors presents biblical scholarship to inform authoritative expository preaching and teaching. Each chapter includes the big idea, key themes, sermon illustrations, and more.


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Fabulous And Focused-Medlock-Adams Mich

Fabulous And Focused Medlock-Adams Mich Even though every woman is different and every work situation is unique, some challenges and opportunities are universal. God’s grace and goodness equips you to handle whatever comes your way in the workplace.


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Faces Of Praise!

Faces Of Praise! Mackey/Grant-Clark This full-color photo gift book that turns chart-topping contemporary gospel music into Bible-based devotions is a three-way blessing for readers: a perfect companion to favorite gospel recordings, an encouraging daily devotional and a unique photo collection.Here are never-before-seen four-color images of the top 60 contemporary gospel artists taken on stage, as they led worship concerts. B. Jeffrey Grant-Clark met with, worked alongside, and photographed all these gospel icons-- Donnie McClurkin, CeCe Winans, Kirk Franklin, the award winning duo Mary Mary and many more--during his decades-long music career. He joins author Carol M. Mackey to create FACES OF PRAISE! which pairs these gospel artists and their most popular, uplifting songs with applicable scripture, inspirational text and prayers. Each image shows the artists as they worship, revealing their passion for God and inspiring hope, joy, and endurance in readers Beautifully designed, FACES OF PRAISE! is a perfect companion to gospel recordings, an encouraging devotional and a unique photo collection. Artists included:Yolanda Adams Shari Addison Crystal Aikin Rance Allen Vanessa Bell Armstrong Amber Bullock Kim Burrell Jonathan Butler Myron Butler Shirley Caesar Byron Cage Erica Campbell Kurt Carr Jacky Clark-ChisolmDorinda Clark-Cole Karen Clark-Sheard Tasha Cobbs Y''Anna Crawley Andrae Crouch Kirk Franklin Travis Greene Deitrick Haddon JJ Hairston Fred Hammond Tramaine Hawkins Israel Houghton Keith "Wonder Boy" Johnson Le''Andria Johnson Canton Jones John P. KeeDeon Kipping Mary Mary Donnie McClurkin William McDowell Vashawn Mitchell J. Moss William Murphy Jason Nelson Charisse Nelson-McIntosh Smokie Norful Kelly Price Hart RamseyJoann Rosario Marvin Sapp Kierra Sheard Richard Smallwood Micah StampleyKathy Taylor Ton''ex Tye Tribbett Trin-i-tee 5:7 Uncle Reece Hezekiah Walker The Walls Group Melvin Williams Michelle Williams BeBe Winans Cece Winans Marvin Winans Vickie Whininess


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Faith Among The Faithless-Cosper Mike

Faith Among The Faithless Cosper Mike Acclaimed writer and pastor Mike Cosper provides Christians with a surprising guide for living in a secular culture by looking at the story of Esther--a tale of evil, awakened faith, and hope of good in a world where God seems absent.How can Christianity survive in a secular world? How can Christians live without compromise in an increasingly hostile society? And what if we have already been shaped by the culture around us in harmful, soul-destroying ways?Faith Among the Faithless provides answers by drawing parallels between our world and the story of Esther. Far from the gentle cartoon stories we heard in Sunday school, the book of Esther is a brutal tale of people assimilated into a pluralistic, pagan society who discover its murderous underbelly and turn to God in a moment of courage and crisis. A story of sex, ego, and revenge, the book of Esther reveals a world where God seems absent from everyday life--a world not unlike our own.Faith Among the Faithless helps readers see themselves in the very human character of Esther, discovering that like her we have an enemy who plots against us. A call to spiritual awakening and to faith and courage in an age of malaise and apathy, Faith Among the Faithless is an invitation to remembrance and presence, knowing that in our dark times God may be hidden, but he is never absent.


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Faith And Lettering Companion Journal-Whitten Krystal

Faith And Lettering Companion Journal Whitten Krystal The perfect resource to discover and develop your own personal style for lettering and illustrating your faith.


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Faith And Lettering-Whitten Krystal

Faith And Lettering Whitten Krystal An all-inclusive tool for lettering your faith, connecting with Scripture, and creating beautiful, meaningful art in your journal, Bible and home.


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Faith Forward Future

Faith Forward Future Veach Chad Popular Southern California millennial pastor Chad Veach casts a vision for a future beyond what most dare to imagine and guides readers toward the abundant plans God has for his children.Pastor Chad Veach lives in Los Angeles, a place many have dubbed the “City of Broken Dreams.” Each year, thousands of people move there, hoping to make it big, but most fall short of achieving their dreams. This is reflective of the wider world as well. In fact, only 6 percent of people actually end up doing what they dreamed of as a child. The hard truth is, dreams--whether they have to do with relationships, career, or world impact--often don’t pan out. So many are left to wonder, Where do I go from here? In this new book, Veach meets readers in the middle of their disappointments, introduces them to the God who throws his arms around them, and offers a new way to define success. He takes them through the words of Jesus and helps them to understand what the Bible says about ambition, purpose, and fulfillment. Then he casts a vision that inspires readers to reach for a better dream than all the broken ones they tried to pursue on their own, challenging them to put their faith in the person of Jesus every day and follow his lead to a brighter future.


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Faith Hope And Love (Journal Edition)

Faith Hope And Love (Journal Edition) Augustine Thus it is that love is not without hope, hope is not without love, and neither hope nor love are without faith. --St. Augustine

St. AugustineÆs Faith, Hope, and Love is a short, insightful treatise on the proper way to worship God. In thirty-three small chapters that follow 1 Corinthians 13, Augustine's description of true worship covers all the major ideas of the Christian religion. Written sometime after AD 420, less than a decade before he died, it contains some of his most mature reflections on Christian doctrines. Those looking to understand the proper way to worship and those interested in a brief encapsulation of AugustineÆs teaching should look no further than this classic work. Presented in a special journal edition, Faith, Hope, and Love encourages readers to record their impressions and prayers.


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Faith Love Destiny

Faith Love Destiny Womens Journey Women's Journey of Faith has been gathering and inspiring women from across Saskatchewan since 1999. It is our desire to facilitate events that foster spiritual growth, fellowship, and unity among women.

Over the past seventeen years we have amassed countless stories of women whose lives have been forever changed by the power of Jesus Christ. Faith Love Destiny features twenty-one life-giving devotions plus ten transforming testimonies. We pray that you will be strengthened in the growing sisterhood of God but, more importantly, that you will be encouraged to press forward in faith to discover His love and destiny for you!


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Faith Of Her Own (Middlefield Amish Novel) (Repack)-Fuller Kathleen

Faith Of Her Own (Middlefield Amish Novel) (Repack Fuller Kathleen Can Anna Mae heed God?s call on her life, even if it means leaving behind everything she knows . . . and everyone she loves?


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Faith Outside The Lines-List-Bergeron Rebe

Faith Outside The Lines List-Bergeron Rebe Spark Your Creativity and Connect with God If you feel confined by conventional journaling, this book is for you. Filled with fun and faith-affirming activities to nurture your heart, mind, and soul, Faith Outside the Lines is the creative adventure you have been craving. Following God is anything but boring. Celebrate that truth when you apply your own unique personality to complete thought-provoking prompts, such as…Cover this page in love—using words, pictures symbols, scents…or anything!Fill this page with blessings. Then count ‘em all up.When you see the word “God,” what comes to mind? Fill in this page with your thoughts, feelings, and prayers. These and many more easy and engaging tasks await you in this unique interactive journal. Throughout, you’ll also encounter Scripture verses and quotes to delight and inspire you. Accept your invitation to go outside the lines to discover a deeper connection with our God of creativity and love.


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Faith That Matters-Various

Faith That Matters Various Together for the first time in one devotional, experience daily readings from such bestselling and respected voices as Frederick Buechner, Brennan Manning, Henri Nouwen, Eugene Peterson, James Bryan Smith, A. W. Tozer, Dallas Willard, and N. T. Wright. Faith That Matters was designed to help you confidently walk in faith every day of the year.


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Faith. Hope. Love.

Faith. Hope. Love. Jones Mark Faith, hope, and love are often called the three cords of the Christian lifeùthree crucial elements that shape how we live as followers of Jesus. This book features short chaptersùwritten in the form of questions and answers, including explanations for each answerùoffering a practical theological guide to understanding the necessity and interconnectedness of faith, hope, and love. This author helps us meditate on and apply these central Christian virtues, empowering us to live the joyful, generous life to which we have been called


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