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Fate Of The Kings The

Fate Of The Kings The Stibbe Mark 1793. As the Terror begins to cast a great shadow over France, Thomas Pryce, the new Vicar of Deal, crosses the Channel to find the missing parents of his beautiful French wife. Facing grave dangers, he makes his way to Brittany where he not only discovers the fate of his in-laws but also uncovers a plot which threatens to topple the British monarchy. Fighting against a sinister secret society in a race against time, Pryce battles to thwart the plans of a Parisian spymaster and his agents in London. The Fate of Kings is the first in a series of gripping spy thrillers that will engross readers of C.J. Sansom, Dan Brown, as well as the many avid watchers of Poldark and Grantchester. In the first years of the British Secret Service, Thomas Pryce truly is the original James Bond.


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Father Effect

Father Effect Finch Tom Based on the short film and full length feature film, THE FATHER EFFECT is a must read for any man or woman who has lost their fathers through divorce, death, or disinterest. John Finch always struggled after his father''s suicide when he was eleven, but it wasn''t until he was raising his own three daughters when he truly understood their futures relied on him coming to terms with his past. To move forward, he needed to forgive both his father and himself. This journey led to THE FATHER EFFECT, a book containing practical help for any person with a deep father-wound. THE FATHER EFFECT will lead you through positive lessons on forgiveness and teach you how to change your legacy as a person, parent, and partner.


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Fearless In 21 Days-Ball Sarah E

Fearless In 21 Days Ball Sarah E p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Helvetica} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Helvetica; min-height: 13.0px} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} FEARLESS IN 21 DAYS is a testimony of hope and a day-by-day guide to healing the mind using mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual applications for those bound by crippling fear, anxiety, panic disorders, and depression. In the summer of 2013, family and friends watched helplessly as author Sarah E. Ball spiraled into the darkest season of her life. A passionate woman of God, wife, mom of five, and popular blogger, Sarah nevertheless found herself abruptly taken captive by a severe anxiety and panic disorder that left her bedridden for months. Those around her were shocked at her fast derailment because she had always been a very strong, dependable woman. With time and perseverance, her determination and faith in God led her out of anxiety and into a place of complete freedom. After Sarah found deliverance from mental illness she was determined to reach back into the pit and pull the next person out. She began sharing the intimate details of her breakdown and recovery with her readers, creating an online series Fearless in 21 Days as a daily guide to overcoming anxiety. After the series gained an increasing amount of attention, Sarah expanded the series into an award-winning full book manuscript.In FEARLESS IN 21 DAYS, Sarah takes the readers through 21 revelations that focus on healing the whole self-body, mind, and soul-and bridging the gap between effective mental health therapies and Scripture. The book begins with practical tips that can dramatically reduce the immediate symptoms of anxiety and then dives deeper into spiritual and mental truths to create a hope-filled guide to freedom from anxiety so that readers may boldly and bravely fulfill their purpose in Christ-fearlessly.


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Feeding Your Family's Soul Cooper Oboyle Don

Feeding Your Family's Soul Cooper Oboyle Don


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Fierce Faith-Worthington Alli

Fierce Faith Worthington Alli In Fierce Faith, Alli Worthington reminds readers that Jesus?s call to ?fear not? can seem like the hardest instruction to follow, but it is the path to serenity and a happier life. With humor and honesty, Alli offers real strategies for coping with life?s big fears and little everyday worries.


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Fierce Marriage-Frederick Ryan

Fierce Marriage Frederick Ryan Popular marriage bloggers Ryan and Selena Frederick offer couples personal insights and practical tools for building a Christ-centered marriage and fiercely fighting to protect their marriages against the challenges they will face.


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Finding All You Need In Jesus: Fall Fest Kit 2018-Group Publishing

Finding All You Need In Jesus: Fall Fest Kit 2018 Group Publishing Adventure awaits families at Treasure Hunt Fall Fest as they uncover mystery messages, witness volcanic eruptions, and collect treasures along the way! At each station, they'll dig deep into a valuable experience that helps them get to know Jesus in a fresh, new way.

Bonus-You can re-use your decorations from Shipwrecked VBS!

Kit Includes...
Director Guide
Setup Guide
Outreach & Hospitality Guide
Experience Guide
Media Pack:
Graphics & Other Goodies CD
Digital Access Code
Sample Pack including:
Fall Fest Bag
Treasure Coins
Sand Dollar Pendant
Volcano Vat
Safe and Sound Sand
Treasure Coin Keeper
Follow-Up Foto Frame


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Finding Hope When Things Look Hopeless

Finding Hope When Things Look Hopeless Ollison Larry In this book, Dr. Larry Ollison will teach you how to use your faith to really believe that God has done what He said He would do and believing it so much that everything you say and you do is based upon that belief. Learn how to walk victorious in any situation by having this child-like faith!


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Finding Jesus In Israel-Storm Buck

Finding Jesus In Israel Storm Buck Part travel journal but mostly spiritual guide, Finding Jesus in Israel takes an unvarnished look at the Holy Land with an off-the-bus peek into the people and places that make Israel such an amazing destination.


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Finding Selah-Kill Kristen

Finding Selah Kill Kristen Stretched beyond her capacity in raising a large family in the middle of Manhattan, Kristen Kill longed for something she did not know had a name---until she found it in the Psalms. Finding Selah offers hope for anyone hungry for the peace of God amidst the craziest of days.


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Finding The Love Of Jesus From Genesis To Revelation-Fitzpatrick Elyse

Finding The Love Of Jesus From Genesis To Revelati Fitzpatrick Elyse In this sweeping overview of the Bible, Elyse Fitzpatrick reveals how each section--the Law, history, poetry, epistles--points to God''s eternal love for you and the good news of redemption through Christ. You''ll find yourself drawn to the Bible like never before as you begin to see Jesus on every page.


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Finish First-Hamilton Scott

Finish First Hamilton Scott Go for the win! Achieve excellence and be better than you’ve ever been!In his years as a professional ice-skater, Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton learned to embrace the mind-set of working hard to “beat” the competition. But it seems competition has gotten a bad rap these days. We’ve bought into the belief that it is unfair to participants to rank performance. Yet competition is in fact a good thing because it’s about working toward excellence.Finish First is a wake-up call for business leaders, entrepreneurs, spouses, parents, and even students to stop settling for mediocre and begin to revitalize their intrinsic will to achieve excellence and go for the win. Most of us feel we were made for something more, but we’re often afraid to allow ourselves to be competitive because we think our finishing first might somehow rob others of their chance to shine. This book encourages the hidden potential, the champion within all of us, to come out—which eventually brings our family, marriage, career, business, and the world around us the greatest possible good.


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Firestorm Hilton Laura When Bridget Behr and her family migrate from a bustling Amish community in Ohio to the remote and isolated Upper Peninsula of Michigan, theyÆre met with an ugly surprise: the house they had bought sight unseen is an uninhabitable wreck. While her father and brother try to find work in the area, the family is forced to live in tents until the house and barn are rebuilt. Bridget canÆt shake the guilt that it was her fault her family moved—and is too afraid to trust anyone, especially the flirtatious, overly-friendly Amish man who lives next door.

Gabriel Lapp has made Michigan his home out of necessity, but canÆt wait to move back to Florida with its sunshine and warmer temperatures. But when BridgetÆs family seeks refuge with Gabe during a fierce thunderstorm, he canÆt help but feel a tug of responsibility for themùespecially the girl with the dark green eyes.

Just as Bridget is finally settling into friendship, a new life, and maybe even love, a devastating forest fire ravages the county, destroying both land and the Behr's dreams. Now Bridget and her family must decide: will they leave behind the ashes and start anew in another Amish community? Or will they dare to fight for the future theyÆd hoped for in Mackinac County?


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First I Say A Prayer Our Daily Bread For Little Hearts Bowman McKinley

First I Say A Prayer (Our Daily Bread For Little Hearts) Bowman McKinley



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First Impressions (The Jane Austen Series #1)-Smith Debra White

First Impressions (The Jane Austen Series #1) (Apr Smith Debra White Lawyer Eddi Boswick tries out for a production of Pride and Prejudice in her small Texas town. When she''s cast as the lead, Elizabeth Bennet, her romantic co-star is none other than the town''s most eligible--and arrogant--bachelor.


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