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CD Christian Audiobooks

CD Christian Audiobooks

CD Christian Audiobooks
CD Audiobooks


Disc-Rediscovering The Kingdom V2 4 CD

Disc-Rediscovering The Kingdom V2 (4 CD) Munroe Myles.
With spiritual perception and carefully crafted words Myles Munroe exposes the religious layers that have filtered out and obscured God's original plan for man. From the very beginning God's plan for His creation was centered on our being in relationship with Him. It was never God's plan to establish a religion. The Kingdom is coming at us in full force and will destroy all that man has built in substitution of God's glorious Kingdom. This is 'the book' for 'the hour' in which we live and will take us back to the beginning of all things where we will discover God's original intention for humankind.


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Spanish Audiobook-Audio CD-Divine Revelation Of Hell Unabridged 2 Cd

Span-Audiobook-Audio CD-Divine Revelation Of Hell Baxter Mary.
Durante cuarenta d?as Dios le dio a Mary Kathryn Baxter visiones del infierno y la comision? para que se las contase a todos a fin de que escojan la vida. He aqu? un recuento de ese lugar y de los seres que lo poblan vistos en contraste con las glorias del cielo. Se trata de algo que nos recuerda la necesidad que todos tenemos del milagro de la salvaci?n.


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