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Baby's First Book Of Prayers Carlson Melody

ages 2 and underA charming first book of prayers for baby. Makes a wonderful gift for a new baby. Parents and Grandparents and Baby alike will love this padded, foil-stamped and embossed edition of My First Book of Prayers.


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Baby's First Bible Carlson Melody

Hold your baby close. It's never too early to begin to hide God's word in your baby's heart. Enjoy the treasured times as you share these ageless Bible stories with your little one again and again.


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Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Cobos Darcie

Interested in a fresh, never-before- heard perspective on the Easter egg hunt? Want to connect the egg hunt to the message of Jesus?*Captivate your children and teach Jesus is the light of the world with this interactive storybook. Kids search for glowing eggs that represent the light of Jesus. *Inspire your children to create their own Egg-cellent Easter Adventure and participate in the story. *Learn Biblical lessons and Gospel truth through a glowing egg hunt. *Egglo teaches children about Jesus in a memorable way with a glow in the dark Egglo Easter Egg hunt and The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure book. The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure is a one-of-a-kind interactive storybook that focuses on the TRUE meaning of Easter Use this book and Glow in the Dark Egglo Easter Eggs to turn an Easter egg hunt into a glowing message about following the light of Jesus. Create a memorable childhood experience with an exciting new hands-on activity of a nighttime Easter egg hunt. Hide glow-in-the-dark Egglo Easter eggs that are filled with Bible verse scrolls, stickers and candy. Children search in the dark for glowing eggs that represent Jesus the light of the world. Emphasize the experience by reading The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure that captures the fun of the egg hunt with a focus on Jesus. Follow Hardy, Anastasia, Pascal and their dog, Zeke, as they discover a glow-rious mystery. Snooping around the attic, they find an intriguing treasure chest containing a curious glowing Easter egg. What is it? What does it do? Only when the kids unite as one do they learn the secret of the egg. They are transported around the world on a wondrous adventure to find the greatest treasure of all. Come along on an egg-straordinary expedition, as the kids search for more glowing Easter eggs in exciting locations. Discover where the eggs lead them. Each Easter egg the kids find reveals a clue to their next destination and a Bible verse needed for the journey. Along the way, the kids discover how God's word will guide them through trouble and change their lives. In the end, the kids learn the Easter story and discover Jesus is the greatest treasure of all. With visually stunning illustrations, a captivating story and Biblical lessons, it is sure to be a beloved Easter classic. Make Jesus the focus of Easter celebrations with The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure. Suitable for children of all ages, but ideal for ages 4-12. With younger children, the book can be shortened and read in chapters, each with a Biblical lesson.


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The Beginner's Bible Kid-Sized Devotions 5x7 Pulley Kelly

Snuggle up for time together with God and your little one. The Beginner?s Bible Kid-Sized Devotions contains three hundred sixty-five simple daily devotions filled with Scripture and prayer perfect for young children. This devotional features classic art and simply written content based on The Beginner?s Bible, the most popular and beloved storybook Bible for preschoolers.


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Raising Dragons Graphic Novel Davis Bryan

Graphic novel based on the bestselling book Raising Dragons. This book brings to life in 150 pages of colorful illustrations the beloved fantasy novel by Bryan Davis.


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Baby Bible 123 Baby Bible Series New David C Cook

Introduce your toddler to the big world of numbers with interactive Baby Bible 1,2,3 Your child will enjoy the sweet little stories, and you will love seeing your child beginning to grasp the basics of counting. A bonus feature teaches your child basic colors.


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Baby Bible Sing And Pray Currie Robin

Let's sing Combine the best sing-along Bible songs with actions and hand motions, and toddlers learn how to praise God. With kid-friendly prayers included for you, all you do is sing the harmony


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Baby Bible Stories About Jesus Currie Robin

Introduce Jesus, your child's best friend Combine the most beloved stories about Jesus with actions and hand motions, and little ones begin to learn about the Son of God. Each story ends with a prayer; you add the hug


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Baby Bible Storybook For Boys New Currie Robin

Offering 23 favorite Bible stories, from Noah and the Ark to Daniel in the lion's den, this board book introduces spiritual truths to boys. A guide for parents helps them to reinforce the lessons their little boys learn. Full color.


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Baby Bible ABC Baby Bible Series New David C Cook

Introduce your toddler to their letters through biblical words, concepts, and people. Your children will enjoy the stories, actions and pictures. You will find satisfaction in familiarizing them with the alphabet in a gentle non-intrusive way.


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Baby Bible Storybook For Girls New Currie Robin

Bible fun that touches hearts Combine your favorite Bible stories with actions and hand motions, and Baby begins to learn about important Bible heroes. Each story ends with a prayer; you add the cuddle The Baby Bible Storybook offers twenty-three favorite Bible stories, like Noah and the Animals, David and Goliath, and Daniel in the Lions Den.


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The Beginner's Bible Book Of Devotions-Hardcover Pulley Kelly

Synopsis: Filled with vibrant, fresh Beginner's Bible« artwork, this devotional is filled with a year's worth of readings that will help preschoolers learn the themes from basic Bible stories and apply them to their lives, through prayers, songs, and fun activities. Description: Filled with vibrant, fresh Beginner's Bible« artwork, this devotional is filled with a year's worth of readings that will help preschoolers learn the themes from basic Bible stories and apply them to their lives, through prayers, songs, and fun activities. activities.


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Baby Blessings Catholic Bible Davidson Alice

Baby Blessings Catholic Bible gives parents and caregivers a positive and enjoyable way to learn about the Bible. From Creation through Easter, some of the best loved stories from the Old Testament and New Testament are presented in delightful rhyme and illustrated in glowing color. There are special prayers and discussion questions, which makes it a rich interactive experience for parents and children. Size 6 3/4 X 8 20 pages.


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Baby Names Harrison Miller

The First Gift You Give Your ChildTo help you in the wonderful and important task of naming your child, Baby Names provides a comprehensive listing of great choices for any boy or girl—from Aaron to Zuwena—with plenty of variety in between. In addition to its extensive list of names, this book also includes.
Origins and meanings of a wide selection of names
Ideas for creating a name specifically suited for your child
Some of the greatest Bible names found in Scripture
Alternative spellings and variations of popular names
Things to avoid when naming your baby
Helpful sidebars highlighting accomplishments of famous ChristiansBaby Names will be an invaluable resource in your family for one of the most cherished decisions you'll ever make as a parent


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The Battle Is The Lord's Understanding God Evans Tony

The Understanding God SeriesWaging Victorious Spiritual WarfareYou know spiritual warfare exists, but do you know if you are among its casualties?*does discouragement, depression, or anxiety overwhelm you?*is your family wounded by divorce, unresolved conflicts, or phisical or emotional abuse?*do you struggle with your ability to control your passions and desires?*are you caught in the jaws of an inescapable financial trap?Many of us assume that such struggles are simply reflections of our physical world. Yet as Scripture reveals, all physical battles are influenced, caused, or provoked by something within the spiritual realm. That's why if we are to be victorious over the devil and his army, we must learn to fight on a spiritual level. We're in a war, but Christ has given us the victory. Evans reveals Satan's straegies, teaches how you can fight back against the forces of darkness, and shows you how to find deliverance from the devil's snares.


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