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DVD-Gods Generals V05: John G Lake Liardon Roberts

A Man of HealingHaving learned from pain and loss in his own life, John G. Lake was a man qualified to preach and walk in divine healing. His revelation on healing drew multitudes in Africa where, eventually, his wife literally worked herself to death. Lake's final years of ministry in Spokane, Washington, would lead to the city's reputation as "the healthiest in the nation. "


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DVD-Gods Generals V06: Smith Wigglesworth Liardon Roberts

Known for raising the dead and healing the sick, Smith Wigglesworth was the bearer of a standard that would set him apart from other ministers of his day. For him it was very simple, as he declared that we need only to believe. See here the only existing film footage of Wigglesworth. Also, listen to Dr. Lester Sumrall's account of his friendship with this great apostle of faith.


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DVD-Gods Generals V12: Highlights & Live Footage Liardon Roberts

Even though these men and women of God have passed on, their ministries and anointings still live. Experience the anointing of God's Generals as you step into the healing revival tents of Jack Coe and A. A. Allen. Get to know Aimee Semple McPherson's dramatic personality, and receive a touch from the Holy Spirit through Kathryn Kuhlman's ministry. There is an impartation for you as you absorb one solid hour of footage from these faith greats.


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DVD-Gods Generals V02: Maria Woodworth-Etter Liardon Roberts

Pentecostal PioneerAfter being supernaturally healed from a sickness that plagued her for many years, Maria Woodworth-Etter entered into the ministry. This demonstrator of the Spirit was able to capture entire cities in her tent revivals that would last up to seven months. In her meetings, people would experience both the convicting and refreshing presence of the Holy Spirit, receive spiritual and physical healing, and be changed forever in a moment.


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DVD-Gods Generals V07: Aimee Semple McPherson Liardon Roberts

Equipped with a divine healing anointing, Aimee McPherson's focus remained always on the lost. Each week, Aimee would fill and empty her five-thousand-seat Los Angeles auditorium twenty-one times, offering priceless healing and teaching to each attendee. But the work of God did not come without cost; hers was a life of private heartache and great persecution.


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DVD-Gods Generals V09: Jack Coe Liardon Roberts

The Man of Reckless FaithJack Coe's humble beginnings at an orphanage where he was left by his father prepared him for God's work, including the construction of his own boys' home. Empowered by his radical salvation experience, Coe threw himself into God's work, often bearing criticism for his gruff nature and reckless faith. Watch and see Coe in action as the blind see, deaf hear, and the lame walk.


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DVD-Gods Generals V10: A A Allen Liardon Roberts

The Miracle ManPerhaps one of the most persecuted of God's Generals, A. A. Allen operated his healing ministry with a heart for God's people. Watch live footage of Allen healing a man in a stretcher, causing a leg to grow, and ridding a man of tumors. Find out why a man who paid an incredible price for spiritual strength and divine gifting would fight an ultimately losing battle for his own body's healing.


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DVD-Gods Generals V11: Kathryn Kuhlman Liardon Roberts

The Woman Who Believed in MiraclesWalking out of heartbreak and back into a relationship with the Lord, Kathryn Kuhlman lived in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Out of that overflow, her ministry crossed cultural and denominational barriers and touched the masses with hope, healing, salvation, and deliverance. Watch her as she captivates thousands of people and prepares a platform for the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit.


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DVD-Gods Generals V01: John Alexander Dowie Liardon Roberts

As a result of his healing ministry, John Alexander Dowie was arrested over one hundred times in one year for practicing medicine without a license. Still, he refused to shut down his Chicago healing rooms and instead continued to practice his anointing openly. Disgusted with the evil he saw in Chicago, he often railed against the city's sinfulness. Following a desire for a pure Christian society, he eventually built his own city, Zion, just north of Chicago. Discover the motivation behind this amazing and controversial man.


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Dvd-Beyond Suffering For The Next Generation Teachers Guide Tada Joni Eareckso

Created by Joni and Friends Christian Institute on Disability. Beyond Suffering Leaders Guide is a 2 DVD and CD-ROM set that offers teaching resources for use with the Beyond Suffering Study Guide. Inside this case you'll find a complete leaders guide, 16 lesson plans, introductory videos for each course module, case studies from the award-winning Joni and Friends Television Episodes and much more


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DVD-Resurrection 1 DVD Prince Derek

Resurrection represents the glorious climax of the Christian life. Many Christians have a poor understanding on what the Bible says about this incredible reality. Bible teacher Derek Prince presents the five miraculous changes that will occur in the body of the believer through resurrection. (Audio CD Available 778629)


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DVD-Unveiling Ancient Biblical Secrets 1 DVD Huch Larry

Receiving Ancient BlessingsGod's eyes are constantly searching for someone to heal, someone to bless, someone to prosper, and someone to favor. In this DVD video presentation based on his best-selling book, Pastor Larry Huch reveals God's ancient blessings for your life, such as:
Destruction of the curse of poverty
Healing beneath the wings of the tallit
The first ten minutes that can change your whole day
The covenant of success
Opening the "windows of heaven"
The hundredfold breakthrough in the parable of the seedBy understanding and tapping into these timeless truths, Christians can rediscover the destiny that God intends for His people. We were meant to be shining examples of God's power, blessing, and favor


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DVD-Casting Down Strongholds 1 DVD Prince Derek

We have an enemy that takes us seriously, so we should take our enemy seriously. In this insightful message, Derek Prince explains the nature and activity of spiritual warfare. (Audio CD Available 778728)


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DVD-Lords Treasure 1 DVD Prince Derek

The fear of the Lord is His treasure, containing more blessings than we can ever comprehend. It leads to wisdom, long life, full satisfaction, and so much more. But He shares this treasure only with those who fulfill the conditions He has laid out in Scripture. (Audio CD Available 778605)


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Dvd-Power Of Proclamation 1 DVD Prince Derek

As you speak Scripture aloud, believing in faith, the unseen world responds. Let Derek Prince show you keys in God's Word that will help you build up your faith through the simple and secret power of proclamation. (Audio CD Available 778582)


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