Science 4 Student Text 4th Edition BJU Press

Science 4 Student Text, 4th ed. , teaches concepts such as the characteristics of living things, insects and spiders, plants, forces and machines, electricity and magnetism, and the digestive and skeletal systems. Students are encouraged to think critically about science and to approach science from a biblical worldview. Each section ends with several Quick Check questions to assess student understanding. The Student Text also contains instructions for experiments, activities, and projects, a summary page of vocabulary and key concepts at the end of each chapter. Several units include worldview-shaping lesson from Answers in Genesis.


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Science 5 Student Text 4th Edition BJU Press

Science 5 Student Text, 4th ed. helps the student develop a biblical worldview as it relates to science concepts. The course focuses on minerals and rocks, fossils, matter and heat, sound and light, weather, biomes, ecosystems, and the respiratory and circulatory systems. Throughout the course, the student will have opportunities to develop his science process skills as he participates in hands-on activities and projects. The student will also learn how to view science from a biblical perspective through the worldview-shaping lesson from Answers in Genesis that is included with each chapter.


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Science 6 Student Activities Manual 4th Edition BJU Press

The Science 6 Activity Manual provides pages to record results and conclusions for Activities as well as reinforcement pages, study guides, and enrichment pages.


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Science 6 Student Text 4th Edition BJU Press

Increase your appreciation of God's wonderful creation through a study of various concepts about earth science, life science, physical science, and the human body in Science 6. Learn about new and current technology being developed that utilizes and benefits from science. Explore earthquakes and volcanoes, weathering and erosion, natural resources, and astronomy while learning about the earth and space. Life science topics include cells and classification systems as well as reproduction and genetics. While studying physical science, investigate atoms and molecules, electricity and magnetism, and motion and machines. Discover the wonders of the human body as you study the nervous and immune systems. Your student will enrich his critical thinking skills through the hands-on activities and the use of diagrams, charts, and visuals.


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Samson Pamphlet Single Rose Publishing

Samson was a supernaturally strong man chosen by God to free the nation of Israel. A hero of the Old Testament, he was also plagued by personal failures and weaknesses that led to his demise. But did you know that this incredible story is really about a gracious God that sent a flawed man to save an ever-disloyal Israel? Enjoy digging deeper and learning how God sent Samson as a type of "savior" to save Israel from the Philistines, foreshadowing the true Savior to come: Jesus Christ. Enrich your study with handy visuals and real-life application from the Life of Samson pamphlet Packed with a full-color map, stunning time line and 4 clear reference charts, this Life of Samson pamphlet will give biblical and cultural insight into Samson's story and suggestions on how we can still apply lessons from his life today. Great for personal or group Bible study



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Span-Audiobook-Audio CD-Divine Revelation Of Hell Unabridged 2 Cd Baxter Mary

Durante cuarenta dias Dios le dio a Mary Kathryn Baxter visiones del infierno y la comision≤ para que se las contase a todos a fin de que escojan la vida. He aqui un recuento de ese lugar y de los seres que lo poblan vistos en contraste con las glorias del cielo. Se trata de algo que nos recuerda la necesidad que todos tenemos del milagro de la salvaci≤n.


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The Beginner's Bible Wild About Creation Sticker And Activity Book Pulley Kelly

The wonders and joys of nature come to life through age-appropriate puzzles, activity pages, and stickers in this friendly and fun The Beginner's Bible Wild About Creation Sticker and Activity Book, featuring The Beginner?s Bible classic art and simply written content.



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Samson Comic Book Ayris Art A

He was Israel's strongest hero, empowered by God with incredible strength. He foolish-ly and fatally succumbed to sin, but turned back to God for one final triumph.


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Psalm 28:7 Color His Words Velvet Art Activity Book Twin Sisters

Arts and crafts made easy Kids will love the Velvet Scripture Art, where they can express their individual creativity and learn more about Scripture. Includes 3 posters for decoration and 8 washable markers, making this craft easy and mistake proof. Perfect for use at home, in church, children's ministry, Sunday School, and more Recommended for ages 6 .



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Seven Answers For Anxiety Jantz Gregory

What if something happens? What does it mean? What would? What could? What should? People with anxiety have lots of questions. In this book, Dr. Gregory Jantz helps you find the answers. He takes you through the hidden assumptions behind the "what if's" of life and shows you how to find rest and peace of mind in the Lord. 112 pp, paperback, 4. 5 x 6. 5 inches


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The Power Of A Praying Parent Book Of Prayers Update Omartian Stormie

Stormie Omartian's bestselling The Power of a Praying« series (more than 23 million copies sold) is rereleased with fresh new covers and new material to reach a still-growing market of readers eager to discover the power of prayer for their lives. Stormie shares with you her most-loved prayers from The Power of a Praying« Parent. the book that started her bestselling series. This gathering of short-but-powerful prayers and encouraging scriptures is small enough to keep in purse or pocket for quick times of communion with God. With a fresh, new cover and plenty of room for you to write down personal prayer notes, The Power of a Praying« Parent Book of Prayers is a lovely gift that will draw your heart to the Lord in prayer. These prayers will give you confidence and peace in your parenting skills as you pray for God's best and most wonderful promises to come true in your children's lives.


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Scientific Facts In The Bible Comfort Ray

An elderly lady once left $20,000 and "my Bible and all it contains" to her nephew. The young man knew what the Bible contained so he didn't bother to open it. He merely picked it up and put it on a high shelf in his house, and headed for Las Vegas. It wasn't long until all his money was gone. He lived the next 60 years as a pauper, scraping for every meal and barely having the clothes on his back. As he was moving to a convalescent home he reached up to grab that old Bible and accidentally dropped it from his trembling hands. It fell to the floor and opened, revealing a $100 bill between every page. That man lived his life as a pauper when he could have lived in luxury, simply because of his prejudice. He thought he knew what the Bible contained. Most people don't know that the Bible contains a wealth of incredible scientific, medical and prophetic facts. The implications are mind bogglingà


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Psalm 91: God's Umbrella Of Protection Ruth Peggy Joyce

Do the latest statistics on cancer, heart disease. send a chill of fear down your spine? Do thoughts of terrorist attacks and chemical warfare cause your heart to skip a beat? What about all the natural disasters that are striking in unexpected places? Do you sometimes wonder if there is any safe place in the world to hide? If any of these things has ever troubled your mind - this book can be one of the most important books you will ever read


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Psalm 91 For Youth Ruth Peggy Joyce

Young People, God Has An Answer For Your Fears Would you like to know how to overcome the fears that plague most young people today? In our time, young people are faced with more worries and uncertainties than in any other generation, but God has not left you without an answer This book is full to the brim of exciting stories about young people who stood on God's Word and faced their fears û all with miraculous results. Written just for your age.


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Psalm 91 Military Edition Ruth Peggy Joyce

The book will give military men and women. and those who love them. refuge and hope in this covenant promise from God. This psalm describes a haven of physical protection, safety, and security that can be found by trusting God's covenant promises when faced with life-threatening danger and fear, whether during a military mission or from a spiritual attack from Satan and his demons.


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