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Audio CD-#America

Audio CD-#America Stand Campaign.
Change the World.
A Cappella.
We Declare War.
Born Again.
Keep the Change (Interlude).
Te Necesito


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Audio CD-All That Is Within Me

Audio CD-All That Is Within Me Mercy Me.
1. God With Us.
2. Time Has Come.
3. You Reign.
4. Sanctified.
5. My Heart Will Fly.
6. Finally Home.
7. All Right.
8. I Know.
9. Grace Tells Another Story.
10. Goodbye Ordinary


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Audio CD-Conspiracy #5

Audio CD-Conspiracy #5 Third Day.
You Make Me Mad.
How's Your Head.
I Deserve.
Have Mercy.
My Hope Is You.
More To This.
This Song Was Meant For You.
Who I Am.
Give Me A Reason.
Gomer's Theme.
Your Love Endures.



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Audio CD-Covered: Alive In Asia

Audio CD-Covered: Alive In Asia Israel & New Breed.
Play List:.
One Thing.
In Jesus Name.
Thank You Lord.
How Awesome Is Our God (featuring Yolanda Adams).
Already Done.
Breathe Your Name.
Chasing Me Down.
I Am Loved.
I Will Love.
Mighty To Save.
My Strength.
Our God Reigns.


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Audio CD-Day And Night

Audio CD-Day And Night Tucker Eddie.
What do you get when you weave spiritual lyrics with a modern urban R&B flavor? You get Day and Night, Eddie Tucker's refreshingly energetic debut album. This CD overflows with praise, speaking to people who possess the light of Christ in their lives and reaching to those who are in doubt and darkness. Eddie's rich voice, combined with an inspired hip-hop beat, will have your feet dancing and your heart rejoicing.


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Audio CD-Front Porch Pickin' Williams Kevin

Audio CD-Front Porch Pickin' Williams Kevin



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Audio CD-Majestic Hymns

Audio CD-Majestic Hymns Clydesdale Join multi-instrumentalist David Clydesdale for this soothing collection of history's favorite hymns. Features David on piano, supported by the City of Prague Symphonic Orchestra.


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Audio CD-More

Audio CD-More Riddle Jeremy The album marks Riddle's first solo project since 2011, his fifth career release, and first solo project under Bethel Music (he has been featured on seven Bethel Music compilation albums to date). This album adds new anthems to the many Riddle songs that have influenced corporate worship ("Sweetly Broken", "Furious", "Breaking Through" and "This is Amazing Grace"), yet it definitively dances down new paths. Riddle's vocals soar with familiar strength, yet this collection of songs ventures into uncharted stylistic territory compared to his prior projects.


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Audio CD-Move

Audio CD-Move Third Day.
The songs on Move are a natural follow-up to Third Day's last album, 2008's Revelation. "That was a record about prayer and about really asking for direction," says Powell. "Some of these songs are about receiving that direction, moving on that and going forward. " This is the first album Third Day has recorded at the new studio the band members built in Georgia. The studio offers them a comfortable, creative environment and that sense of contentment and creative freedom make Move one of the most musically stimulating and lyrically diverse albums in Third Day's sonic arsenal. It is filled with songs that will uplift and encourage believers to put their faith into action.
1Lift Up Your Face.
2Make Your Move.
3Children Of God.
5Trust In Jesus.
6Follow Me There.
8What Have You Got To Lose.
9I'll Be Your Miracle.
10Everywhere You Go.
11Sound Of Voice.
12Don't Give Up Hope


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Audio CD-Music Of Cozy Mountain Lodge-Group Publishing

Audio CD-Music Of Cozy Mountain Lodge Group Publishing The Music of Cozy Mountain Lodge CD is a beautiful compilation of contemporary songs and classic hymns.


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Audio CD-Native Christmas

Audio CD-Native Christmas Arkenstone David A Native American holiday experience. With three GRAMMY nominations, twenty Billboard hits, and millions of fans worldwide, David Arkenstone has established himself as one of the foremost instrumental musicians of our time. David Arkenstone has recorded over thirty albums, has toured extensively including performances at New York's Radio City Music Hall and the Hollywood Bowl, scored dozens of films and documentaries, and composed music for the Olympics that is used to this day.



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Audio CD-NKJV Word Of Promise Inspiration For Today V2

Audio CD-NKJV Word Of Promise Inspiration For Toda Nelson Bibles.
Listeners will encounter the Word of God in short, practical devotional segments designed to listen to on the go. The Word of Promise Inspiration for Today, Volume Two,is a two- CD set packaged in a designed swing tray jewel case. There will be 40 three-minute devotions, equaling two hours of inspired listening time. The devotions will include an excerpt from The Word of Promise New Testament Audio Bible


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Audio CD-Our Daily Bread For Kids Hymns

Audio CD-Our Daily Bread For Kids Hymns Our Daily Bread Hymns have played an important role in the lives of believers for centuries, and have been passed along from generation to generation. The Our Daily Bread for Kids: Hymns CD is a collection of traditional hymns that will focus young listeners' hearts on the goodness and glory of their heavenly Father. Offering an engaging musical experience, this kid-friendly production showcases the beautiful voices of children singing a variety of worship songs and medleys.


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Audio CD-Our Daily Bread/Hymns Of Gratitude & Serv

Audio CD-Our Daily Bread/Hymns Of Gratitude & Serv Our Daily Bread Let these tranquil arrangements help you shut out the busyness of life and lift up your heart to God in thanksgiving. Perfect for creating a soothing mood for Bible study or quiet evenings at home. Includes two CDs of classic hymns for reflection and worship.



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Audio CD-Our Daily Bread/Hymns Of Praise & Wonder/

Audio CD-Our Daily Bread/Hymns Of Praise & Wonder/ Our Daily Bread This combined installment in the Our Daily Bread series features Hymns for the Wounded Heart and Hymns of Praise and Wonder. Twenty instrumental hymns on two CDs, from Discovery House.



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