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Audio CD-Our God Is Powerful

Audio CD-Our God Is Powerful Bear Hug Band


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Audio CD-Parisian Lounge-Arkenstone David

Audio CD-Parisian Lounge Arkenstone David



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Audio CD-Paul Baloche/Live With DVD

Audio CD-Paul Baloche/Live W/DVD Baloche Paul.
Dove Award winning songwriter Paul Baloche has given himself to equipping and training worship leaders to engage and encourage the church in worship. As a local worship pastor, he has done this by example as well as teaching - - all while crafting songs that are sung by millions the world over. His new album, Paul Baloche Live, is a testament to his journey and his passion for serving the local church.
Recorded live in Toronto with over a thousand worshipers, including local worship leaders and pastors, Paul Baloche Live captures the beauty and simplicity of a Sunday morning worship experience. Live features six previously recorded songs along with six new songs co-written by Paul and friends including Matt Maher, Aaron Shust and Brenton Brown. It is an album filled with passion and unity as the congregation joins Paul, raising their voices as one in fervent worship.
Paul and his band demonstrate what each contemporary Church worship team can achieve with these great songs.
Track list:.
Our God Saves.
God My Rock.
You Lift Us Up.
The Same Love.
Jesus Be My Savior.
A Mighty Fortress.
My Hope.
Today Is The Day.
Christ Is Risen.
Holy Holy Lord God Almighty


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Audio CD-Quartet Tribute

Audio CD-Quartet Tribute Tribute Quartet Tribute Quartet pays tribute musically to the great Quartet songs of the past.


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Audio CD-Reckless Love

Audio CD-Reckless Love Asbury Cory


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Audio CD-Revive (2 CD)

Audio CD-Revive (2 CD) Parker Lucia


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Audio Cd-River Of Life & New Creation Celebration (3 Cds)-Virkler Mark

Audio Cd-River Of Life & New Creation Celebration Virkler Mark Five Interactive Meditations Set to Music

Each devotional guides you into an encounter with the Wonderful Counselor. Each one contains a spoken prayer with a musical background, and draws you into two-way journaling.

River of Life - where you are immersed in the River of the Holy Spirit. DonÆt worry, as in a dream, you can breathe underwater! (12 minutes)

New Creation Celebration comes in four versions. Choose the one which best meets the challenges of the day you are facing:
*New Creation Celebration - Replacing Emotions (40 minutes)
*New Creation Celebration - Replacing Beliefs (22 minutes)
*New Creation Celebration - Putting on Christ (13 minutes)
*New Creation Celebration - Possessing Your Promised Land (9 Minutes)

9 Tracks
3 discs
1:44 total run time



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Audio CD-Shadow Weaver

Audio CD-Shadow Weaver Choir.


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Audio CD-Simply Cheryl

Audio CD-Simply Cheryl Fortune Cheryl


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Audio CD-Sing It Again

Audio CD-Sing It Again Easter Jeff/Sheri These gospel music mainstays have re-recorded hits and personal favorite songs from their award-winning careers of over 30 years. From 'Wayfaring Stranger' and 'Keep on the Sunny Side,' these messages have carried the GRAMMY«-nominated group through life's joys and sorrows. This all-new collection captures the country-tinged musical style for which they have garnered numerous awards and the authentic lifestyle that has made them household favorites for decades.


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Audio CD-Smooth Christmas

Audio CD-Smooth Christmas Levine Sam A smooth jazz holiday collection. Sam Levine is known for his tender and heartfelt renditions of contemporary hits. Sam has been featured in live performances with such superstars as Whitney Houston and Al Jarreau, has recorded with Michael McDonald, The Neville Brothers, and Amy Grant, and has contributed musically to such motion picture soundtracks as Honeymoon In Vegas and Sweet Dreams. He is at home playing smooth jazz as he is 1950's nostalgic pop.


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Audio CD-Spoken For

Audio CD-Spoken For Mercy Me.
1. The Change Inside of Me.
2. All The Above.
3. Spoken For.
4. There's A Reason.
5. Come One, Come All.
6. Crazy.
7. Word of God Speak.
8. Your Glory Goes On.
9. The Love of God.
10. Go.
11. All Because Of This


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Audio CD-Taking It Back

Audio CD-Taking It Back Sneed Troy Stellar Award winner Troy Sneed returns from a five-year hiatus from recording with a brand new collection of worshipful Gospel originals. Includes the powerful lead single "Kept By His Grace."


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Audio CD-TBA-Equippers Revoluti

Audio CD-TBA Equippers Revoluti



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Audio CD-TBD

Audio CD-TBD Nelson Hawk


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