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Audio CD-TBD 2018-Feliz Jordan

Audio CD-TBD 2018 Feliz Jordan


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Audio CD-TBD-Lexi

Audio CD-TBD Lexi


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Audio CD-TBD-McClarney Chris

Audio CD-TBD McClarney Chris


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Audio CD-TBD-New Studio-The New Respects

Audio CD-TBD-New Studio The New Respects



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Audio CD-TBD-Peterson Andrew

Audio CD-TBD Peterson Andrew


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Audio CD-The Beautiful Project

Audio CD-The Beautiful Project Page Lockhart Tash The daughter of famed gospel songstress Lisa Page Brooks, powerhouse vocalist Tasha Page-Lockhart has taken the gospel scene by storm since she emerged as chapion of BET's Sunday Best Season 6. As the first lady to sign to Gospel legend Kirk Franklin's FO YO SOUL Recordings, A Joint venture with RCA Records, the rising gospel star is set to release her second album in Fall 2017.


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Audio CD-The Bloody Win (Live At The Redemption Ce

Audio CD-The Bloody Win (Live At The Redemption Ce Tribbett Tye



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Audio CD-The Higher Experience-Gavin Kelontae

Audio CD-The Higher Experience Gavin Kelontae


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Audio CD-The Ology Sovereign Grace Mu

Audio CD-The Ology Sovereign Grace Mu


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Audio CD-The Other Side

Audio CD-The Other Side The Walls Group The Walls Group is made up of four of eight children, born in Houston, TX. Being the children of two musicians, these kids could not escape the inevitable. Music has resounded within the walls of The Walls household for years. Darrel, Rhea, Paco and Ahjah are on a fast track to music notoriety. This is their Sophomore album and is guaranteed to put them on the map.
"When I first saw a video of The Walls Group, I knew they were something special. I was truly blown away by their vocal ability at such a young age. When I flew down to Houston to meet then, I couldn't believe how down to earth and humble they were. I truly saw something unique in this group and I'm excited to start this new journey with The Walls Group." - Kirk Franklin


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Audio CD-The Peace Project

Audio CD-The Peace Project Hillsong Worship Christmas is GodÆs ultimate peace project. God sent Jesus to usher in Shalom, we are all agents of Peace. Hillsong WorshipÆs The Peace Project Christmas album is comprised of seven new, vibrant tracks such as "Prince of Heaven," "Seasons" & "Peace Upon The Earth" along with fresh arrangements of five of the most beloved Christmas classics like "Hark," "O Holy Night" & "Joy To The World." The Peace Project is a prayer that as we enjoy the festivities of the season our worship may also be felt in some of the most chaotic and dark places on earth, as we celebrate the birth of our Prince of Peace, Jesus.


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Audio CD-The Sequel

Audio CD-The Sequel Lil iROCC.
Diverse urban and contemporary tracks comprise this sophomore release from young hip-hop rapper Justin "Lil iROCC" Williams. This hot album continues the God thing iROCC began with his self-titled debut while showcasing his developing lyrical and musical skills. The Sequel speaks life while delivering a message for the masses.


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Audio CD-The Star Motion Picture Soundtrack

Audio CD-The Star Motion Picture Soundtrack Various


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Audio CD-There Is A Redeemer-Keveren Phillip

Audio CD-There Is A Redeemer Keveren Phillip


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Audio CD-Third Day

Audio CD-Third Day Third Day.
The angels worship God in heaven, but we cast up our prayers from the gravity and stone of earth. This is the land of our Sojourn. We are Americans, and our Legacy is the stone and weight of this place, this collection of ideas and dreams, of strip malls and civil war. From here we form our Liturgy, our service of worship to the living Christ. Hear this Liturgy, this Common Prayer through the eyes of America. Worship and Place. Liturgy and Legacy.
"There is music you make and there is music that makes you. " living is collaborating.
Rich Mullins & Reed Arvin.


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