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CEV Financial Stewardship Bible Softcover

Contemporary English Version CEV Financial Stewardship Bible-Softcover Developed in collaboration with Compass-Finances God s Way (a ministry that teaches how to handle money based on biblical principles) , CEV - The Financial Stewardship Bible includes over 2,000 highlighted verses that illuminate God s perspective about Stewardship, Provision and Trust. A 71-page unique study section to support individual research and group discussion about the Bible s theme, including: The 40-day Financial Stewardship journey. Small Group Financial Discussion Guide. Topical Index (e.g. Budgeting, Debt, Giving, Lending, Lifestyle, Savings, Taxes, The Poor, etc). Features the Contemporary English Version (CEV), an accurate translation of the Bible that is easy-to-read and understand. Paperback. 1,354 pages. 5 1/4 x 8 1/4 in.



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Impacting The World Through Spiritual Gifts Study Guide

This companion study guide to Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today isn't just about discovering your spiritual gifts, or even receiving them—it's about releasing them God wants you to experience the great wonder of moving in and through His grace—on a daily basis. First, you'll have an overview of spiritual gifts and be introduced to the way the Holy Spirit moves and operates within them. Then you'll explore the nine most widely recognized spiritual gifts. These are not the only gifts God gives His children, but they are vital to understand and then activate according to His leading. God desires to pour out His gifts on His people with even greater degrees of impact and authority. This is your opportunity to find out what the Lord can do for you and through you as you release His spiritual gifts today in an outpouring of His love, grace, and power.


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Finding Hope For Your Life Study Guide

The Finding Hope for Your Life Study Guide is part of The Chamber of Life Series: Building Foundations | Growing in Faith. Hope changes everything This study guide will infuse you with the happy anticipation of good for your own life, and then empower you to release hope, life and love to others. Lessons include: When the Bottom Falls Out, Catching the Little Foxes, Metamorphosis: The Process of Change, No Matter What Comes, God Is Good, Let God Put a Dream in Your Heart, and more Learn to take the trials you have encountered and turn them into triumphs for the kingdom of God. Become an agent of transforming light in the midst of darkness. Become an ambassador of hope everywhere you go This study guide is great for individual study in your own home, with a small group, or in a classroom setting. It also serves as part of the core curriculum for the Finding Hope course in our God Encounters Training - eSchool of the Heart (visit www. GETeSchool. com for more info). At the end of each detailed lesson are questions for your reflection and review. As you work through these lessons and apply them to your life, you will be activated to share the hope and healing you have received to change the world around you


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