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The Pirate Bride (Daughters Of The Mayflower #2)-Ybarbo Kathleen

The Pirate Bride (Daughters Of The Mayflower #2) ( Ybarbo Kathleen The Daughters of the Mayflower series continues with The Pirate Bride by Kathleen Y’Barbo. Can a former privateer and a determined heiress find lost treasure in 1725?


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The Pivot Plan-Wilder Eileen

The Pivot Plan Wilder Eileen Discover the Freedom to Rise Above Chronic Stress and Emotional Exhaustion

Have you ever felt emotionally drained?
Weighed down by chronic anxiety and worry?

The Biblical insights and proven science in this book will show you how to gain endless energy and the peace of mind you crave.
We're living in a more fast-paced world than ever, and it takes its toll on our mind, body, and spirit. It's time to leave chronic stress and emotional exhaustion behind àand it's easier than you might think.

The Pivot Plan is designed to reduce stress and resolve low-level depression, presented in a concise and easy to read format. This book is for people who suffer from chronic low mood, exhaustion, procrastination, and who need further clarity regarding their purpose.
In this book, Bestselling Author, Eileen Wilder, reveals how to find all the energy you'll ever need by learning to let go and rest in Christ completely.

The Pivot Plan provides a proven step-by-step system that will give you:
-Four tried and true methods to stop striving that make the recovery process simple, easy & fast
-A reframing technique that ends anxiety (in as little as ten seconds)
-Simple strategies for preventing & defeating low moods
-The #1 way to actually stop overthinking everything and quit worrying (hint: it has nothing to do with suppressing negative thoughts)
-A simple and fast pathway for discovering your purpose (holding your hand every step of the way)
-A lasting Soul Care Routine (even if you have no idea what you're doing)

Before you even finish The Pivot Plan, you will feel lighter, freer, and enjoy an unexplainable peace of mind. You'll gain instant clarity regarding your purpose, and discover unstoppable confidence as you discover how to finally rest in Christ.

Become Totally Free from Low Moods and Anxiety
Refuse to miss out on the peace and freedom that belong to you in Christ. Stop doing life half-way in your own strength. You were made for more! It's time to become who you really are.

What's stopping you from making this year the year that you pivoted into your strongest life, faster than you ever thought possible?
The ten truths you're about to read have been proven to create positive, long-lasting results. All you have to do to recover from emotional exhaustion is to keep reading. Each chapter will provide fresh insights into the life you always knew was possible but felt was just out of reach.

The world needs what you alone have to offer-pivot out of the stress, and enjoy the freedom Christ died to give you today!


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The Pocket Pronunciation Guide To Bible People Pl

The Pocket Pronunciation Guide To Bible People Pl David C Cook A one-of-a-kind resource for teachers and church leaders, this compact guide shows readers how to say over twelve hundred of the most mispronounced words in the Bible.


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The Popular Encyclopedia Of Bible Prophecy-Softcover-LaHaye Hindson

The Popular Encyclopedia Of Bible Prophecy-Softcov LaHaye/Hindson More than one-fourth of the Bible was prophetic in nature at the time it was written, and Christ''s second coming is mentioned more than 300 times in Scripture. Clearly, God wants you to anticipate the last days—but Bible prophecy can seem vague and mysterious. Find the clarity and answers you need in this comprehensive resource filled with thousands of facts about Christ''s return and the end times. Prophecy teachers Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson combine knowledge from an outstanding team of more than 40 experts to bring you...detailed definitions of prophecy-related termshelpful timetables of last-days events, including the rapture and the glorious appearingthorough summaries of all the major prophetic viewpointsvital understanding of the key players, such as the Antichrist and the False ProphetGain wisdom and insight as you repeatedly reach for this A-to-Z encyclopedia to find biblical answers to your toughest prophecy questions.



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The Porn Problem-Roberts Vaughan

The Porn Problem Roberts Vaughan Pornography is no longer universally looked down on as bad or unhelpful, but is often seen as something to enjoy without guilt. Christians, however, work to a different agenda one set by the Bible's revelation of the true meaning of sex and relationships. This short book surveys the Christian worldview and applies it to the complex issues surrounding pornography, helping Christians know how to think about pornography with biblical conviction, and compassionate understanding for those influenced by it. Discover the liberating and satisfying view of sex found in the gospel.


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The Portable Seminary (2nd Edition)-Horton David

The Portable Seminary (2nd Edition) Horton David Take your theological education to the next level. In this extensively updated book, discover all the major topics in a typical seminary master''s program authoritatively taught by respected professors, authors, and leaders. This introduction to a Master of Divinity degree is ideal for anyone who lacks the time or opportunity to attend formal classes.


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The Power Of Communion

The Power Of Communion Johnson Beni Miracles Wait at the Communion TableFor centuries, the church has observed the Lord?s Supper as part of corporate worship, instituted by Jesus Himself. But for many Christians today this tradition can be a confusing and tedious routine. Are we missing something in this ancient ritual?Beni Johnson?renowned author and senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, CA?had a miraculous revelation while celebrating communion. She reveals to you how this sacred practice is an often-overlooked portal to releasing God?s power in your life! The very elements?the broken body and shed blood of Jesus?eternally testify of Heaven?s victory and the enemy?s defeat.So don?t settle for simply going through the motions. Encounter God?s supernatural presence in the sacrament of Communion, and embrace the prophetic act of remembrance, worship, warfare, and healing it was always meant to be!Discover practical keys for…Healing: release the healing testimony of Jesus? blood and body over your sicknessDeliverance: announce the eternal victory of Jesus over torment, addiction and bondageWarfare: shift spiritual atmospheres over you, your family and even world eventsPresence: experience new dimensions of God?s glory as you personally apply Jesus? victory over your lifeThere are miracles just waiting to be released! Discover The Supernatural Power of Communion today!



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The Power Of The 72

The Power Of The 72 Teter John They were not professionals. They were not celebrities. They were just 72 normal people who answered Jesus call to bring good news to the world. Filled with vivid stories of John Teter''s remarkable experiences in ministry and church planting, this book shows how we have been called by Jesus to herald God s kingdom and witness the transformation of those around us. Discover how Jesus trains ordinary people to accomplish an extraordinary mission.


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The Power Of Vision (3rd Edition)-Barna George

The Power Of Vision (3rd Edition) Barna George Award-winning author George Barna helps church leaders uncover God''s vision for their ministry so they know where they''re headed and can minister authentically and authoritatively.


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The Power Of Your Influence-Toler Stan

The Power Of Your Influence Toler Stan Unlock Your Power to Create Positive ChangeThe power of influence in our world is undervalued and often ignored. But if you want to make a real change in the lives of others, it will be your everyday influence that draws people in and excites their potential. Stan Toler examines the ways you can profoundly change your own life and the world around you. You will discover how influence is positively or negatively impacting you ensure that your own influence isn’t wasted shape your attitude to inspire and motivate those around you Your words, actions, and attitudes hold the power to build people up or tear them down. Make a positive, lasting impression that will add value to those around you, encourage others to follow your lead, and inspire them to greatness.


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The Power Of Your Potential-Maxwell John

The Power Of Your Potential Maxwell John


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The Prayer Map For Boys-Barbour Publishing

The Prayer Map For Boys Barbour Publishing This unique prayer journal is a fun and creative way for the boys in your life to understand the importance and experience the power of prayer.


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The Prayer Map For Girls-Barbour Publishing

The Prayer Map For Girls Barbour Publishing This unique prayer journal is a fun and creative way for the girls in your life to understand the importance and experience the power of prayer.


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The Prayer Map For Teens-Barbour Publishing

The Prayer Map For Teens Barbour Publishing This engaging prayer journal is a fun and creative way for the teens in your life to understand the importance and experience the power of prayer.


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The Prayer Map For Women-Barbour Publishing

The Prayer Map For Women Barbour Publishing



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