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The Prayer That Turns The World Upside Down-Mohler R Albert

The Prayer That Turns The World Upside Down (Jan 2 Mohler R Albert A groundbreaking book from the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary that teaches readers how to participate in the radical, transformative prayer that Jesus taught his first disciples.The Lord’s Prayer has been domesticated and tamed, turned into a safe series of comforting words and made familiar by repetition. In reality, writes Dr. Albert Mohler, the Lord’s Prayer turns the world upside down, toppling every earthly power and announcing God’s reign over all things, in heaven and on earth. The Lord’s Prayer is the most powerful prayer in all the Bible, taught by Jesus to his own disciples. This generation of Christians desperately needs to relearn the Lord’s Prayer and learn from Christ himself how we are to unleash the power and discipline of prayer


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The Principle And Power Of Kingdom Citizenship

The Principle And Power Of Kingdom Citizenship Munroe Myles You are a citizen of an Unshakable Kingdom!For too long, too many followers of Christ have lived beneath their Kingdom inheritance. They are saved for eternity in Heaven, yet they continue to live defeated and unfulfilling lives on earth. Is this all that Christ intended?In this paradigm-shifting work, Dr. Myles Munroe offers an emphatic ?no!? Instead, he presents the biblical blueprint for an exciting life as an empowered Kingdom citizen.Take your place as a royal citizen in God?s unshakable Kingdom and experience life on a new, supernatural level!You will learn how to:Identify and access your royal rights as a citizen of God?s Kingdom.Exercise your authority as an ambassador of Christ in your sphere of influence.Change atmospheres around you with the climate of Heaven.The Kingdom is not just about going to Heaven one day. It?s about walking in Heaven?s purpose and power in the here and now!


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The Problem Of Pain (Shepherd's Notes)

The Problem Of Pain (Shepherd's Notes) Lewis C S Shepherd's notes helps readers better learn the books of the Bible and Christian classic writings in a concise and easy-to-understand format.



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The Promise Of Lent Devotional-Tiegreen Chris

The Promise Of Lent Devotional Tiegreen Chris Lent is a time of remembering Christ?s sacrifice?and yet it is not meant to be depressing; it is meant to be reorienting. The 40-day holy season is one of transition when we turn our eyes away from fading disappointments and move ever closer to the radiance of Easter hope.This is the purpose of The Promise of Lent Devotional: to stir up the hope that God has given us in the midst of a fallen world. Each day you?ll read of death and new life, temptation and the power to overcome it, the life and ministry of Jesus, and the transformative power of God. Because when we gaze at God?s true nature?his sacrificial love and his glorious resurrection?everything changes. The past fades, the tomb?s stone rolls away, and our hearts awaken to faith once again. Discover that to be true this year, through The Promise of Lent Devotional.


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The Promises Of God-Softcover-Sproul R C

The Promises Of God-Softcover Sproul R C Did you know that God’s relationships with Noah, Abraham, and Moses affect your relationship with Him today? God’s promises to His people throughout history tell us about His character, His love for us, and how He interacts with us right now.With an exploration of the meaning of covenant and specific covenants from the Old Testament through Christ, Dr. R. C. Sproul gives theological background and explanation for how God fulfills His plan of redemption in and through His people. As Dr. Sproul shows, the God of history keeps His promises to us, just as He always will.


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The Prophetic Voice Of God

The Prophetic Voice Of God Vawser Lana Embark on a wild and unique prophetic adventure with God!The New Testament makes prophecy a priority for all believers. If you are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, you are called to hear God?s prophetic voice! But if this is true, why do so many believers struggle to hear the Holy Spirit?s language? Lana Vawser empowers you to hear God for yourself by tuning in to how he is uniquely speaking to you! Through easy-to-understand, revelatory teaching and powerful prophetic examples, Lana illustrates how God has created all believers to hear His voice in their own distinct way.The Prophetic Voice of God will mentor you on how to listen to the Holy Spirit speaking especially to you!Experience a Breaker Anointing: The simple, practical teaching will break off the fear, striving and anxiety that many feel when it comes to hearing God speak prophetically.De-Mystify the Prophetic: Lana makes prophetic hearing accessible to anyone, no matter who you are or what context you come from.Discern the Prophetic Voice of God: Learn how to identify freshly spoken words from God and decipher the many different forms they can come in?signs, symbols, numbers, coincidences, pictures, and more.Receive Impartation and Revelation: You will be activated to look and listen for God?s prophetic voice everywhere.Tune in, and receive your word from the Lord!



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The Psalm 112 Promise-Eckhardt John

The Psalm 112 Promise Eckhardt John This book will help me experience wholeness in my relationships, finances, and health, and to eradicate confusion and restore my heart and soul.

Best-selling author John Eckhardt reveals the truth of Psalm 112 that the man who fears the Lord is gracious, full of compassion, and generous. His heart is fixed and established. He cannot be moved. He is uncompromisingly and consistently righteous. His righteousness endures forever.

This psalm paints the picture of the life of the balanced, stable, steadfast, immovable believer, and EckhardtÆs teaching reveals how all of us can get there.


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The Psalms And Proverbs Devotional For Women

The Psalms And Proverbs Devotional For Women Kelley/Patterson Women are searching for wisdom beyond themselves, for discernment that makes God?s will and way clear for daily living. No books in Scripture hold more instruction for how to live according to divine wisdom than Psalms and Proverbs, and these daily devotions mine their riches with choice, seasoned counsel. Blessed will be the woman who pursues this path to wisdom with passion and commitment.


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The Push-Gray Patrick

The Push Gray Patrick John is an expert at a lot of different things: he can give you any statistic about his favorite baseball team, he can make people laugh until milk squirts out their noses, and he can solve any math problem in his head. But when John was born, his arms and legs didn?t work, so John spends his life in his wheelchair. John and his best friend, Marcus, go on lots of adventures together, with Marcus pushing the wheelchair and John providing the entertainment. They learn that they are both stronger together than they are on their own.


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The Quotable Tozer-Snyder James L

The Quotable Tozer Snyder James L Enjoy the collected wisdom of one of the most beloved Christian authors in history with this seminal guide, ideal for fans, pastors, ministry leaders, and Christian writers. Arranged topically, this quick reference will open your eyes to the depth and insight of Tozer''s thoughts on popular culture, the nature of God, spiritual warfare, God''s Word, and more.


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The Red Feather

The Red Feather Elliff Tom Family problems are often the most burdensome of challenges--but they are the most important for us to resolve. In The Red Feather, Tom Elliff shares a personal story of how a red feather came to symbolize the incredible power of God's extravagant love and forgiveness in the midst of divorce, a car accident, Alzheimer's disease and death. Centered around Christmastime, this story will provide hope and encouragement in all seasons.



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The Reformation-Mackenzie Cameron

The Reformation Mackenzie Cameron This book celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. This book is designed to be prominently featured on a coffee table or bookshelf as a conversation starter; it's filled with images that enhance the historically accurate text and make this book a beautiful and educational statement piece.


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The Regency Brides Collection (7-In-1)

The Regency Brides Collection (7-In-1) Various Join seven couples as they navigate the Regency Era society’s gauntlet to secure the hand of true love. Will faith grow and love prevail?


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The Relational Leader-Toler Stan

The Relational Leader Toler Stan Discover intriguing keys to personal and profession success. Relational Leaders is a parable that amplifies business success through growing and achieving successful relationships and living a balance life as a leader.


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The Rescue-Cymbala Jim

The Rescue Cymbala Jim By New York Times bestselling author and pastor Jim Cymbala, The Rescue tells the powerful, true stories of men and women whose lives should have ended badly but miraculously didn?t. Something unexpected happens to each of them and their incredible stories will take you by surprise and restore your hope.


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