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Trade Your Cares For Calm-Lucado Max

Trade Your Cares For Calm Lucado Max In a swirling, chaotic world, even believers sometimes lose sight of the peace God plans for His children. Trade Your Cares for Calm by bestselling author Max Lucado invites you to live in God’s perfect peace, offering practical ways to set aside anxiety and focus on God, on Scripture, and on the calm only He can bring to your soul.Max’s comforting, biblical wisdom will help you realize God’s peace and provision in your life and equip you to overcome worry and anxiety. Trade Your Cares for Calm will gently guide you to face your fears, reflect on God’s goodness, end “if-only” thinking, live with gratitude, and embrace the peace God offers you. Each chapter includes a short opening story and helpful teachings from Max, Scriptures to meditate on, practical help for practicing peace, and guided journaling to help you put a plan in place to change the way you think and live while drawing closer to God.An excellent gift for a friend going through a trial of any kind, for people who tend to be chronic worriers, or for those who are overwhelmed with the busyness of life and want to focus their attention to meditating on Scripture and becoming closer to God, Trade Your Cares for Calm will soothe your soul with the peace God promises.


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Transformed In His Presence

Transformed In His Presence Frangipane Francis This book will challenge me to go deeper in my walk with God and to pursue holiness and Christlikeness.

Deep insights taken from Pastor FrangipaneÆs best writings and broken into short, focused daily readings with scriptures, prayers, and lines for journaling will help readers recognize how desperately we all need to be more like Christ. In their pursuit of God readers will be challenged, empowered, and provoked, but never disappointed.

GodÆs Word promises that we will find Him when we seek Him with all our heart, and this book leads readers on that life-changing path of seeking God and possessing His heart. Once they find Him and determine to live in His presence, they will be holy, for He is holy.


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Treating Trauma In Christian Counseling

Treating Trauma In Christian Counseling Gingrich Fred & He Heather and Fred Gingrich have extensive experience treating trauma. In this edited volume they have brought together key essays representing the latest psychological research on trauma from a Christian integration perspective.



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Tried By Fire-Softcover-Bennett William

Tried By Fire-Softcover Bennett William A major narrative history of Christianity's first thousand years by acclaimed educator and #1 New York Times bestselling author William J. Bennett. Now in trade paper.Full of larger-than-life characters, stunning acts of bravery, and heart-rending sacrifice, Tried by Fire narrates the rise and expansion of Christianity from an obscure regional sect to the established faith of the world’s greatest empire with influence extending from India to Ireland, Scandinavia to Ethiopia, and all points in between. William J. Bennett explores the riveting lives of saints and sinners, paupers and kings, merchants and monks who together—and against all odds—changed the world forever. To tell their story, Bennett follows them through the controversies and trials of their time. Challenged by official persecution, heresy, and schism, they held steadfast to the truth of Christ. Strengthened by poets, preachers, and theologians, they advanced in devotion and love. In this moving and accessible narrative, Tried by Fire speaks across centuries to offer insight into the people and events that shaped the faith that continues to shape our lives today.


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Trinket Dish-Gratitude-Cathedral Art

Trinket Dish-Gratitude Cathedral Art


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Trinket Tray-Mr. And Mrs. (7" x 2 3/4")

Trinket Tray-Mr. And Mrs. (7" x 2 3/4") Wedding ôLove one another deeply.ö 1 Peter 1:22

This trinket tray boldly displays a section for him, her and has a middle square to share, making it a perfect gift for newlyweds. The sections on the right and left boldly display ôMrö and ôMrsö in elegant gold lettering. The middle section displays the verse from 1 Peter 1:22, ôLove one another deeply.ö This verse is an encouragement and reminder to the couple to love their spouse daily.

This trinket tray can be kept in an kitchen, bathroom or on a dresser and can hold rings or other small pieces of jewelry keeping them safe while accomplishing chores or other daily activities. Made from thick white porcelain, this trinket tray has a luxurious feel that fits in with a variety of dΘcor themes and styles. This trinket tray will last for years to come and makes the perfect wedding shower or anniversary gift.
Size: 7" (W) x 2 3/4" (H)
Hand Wash Recommended
Package in a Die-Cut Gift Box


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Troubled Waters (Montana Rescue #4)-May-Warren Susan

Troubled Waters (Montana Rescue #4) May-Warren Susan A three day excursion turns into a nightmare when a rogue wave washes the passengers overboard, leaving Ian and Sierra scrambling for survival. Sparks ignite as they wait for a rescue, but will a secret keep them apart?


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True Discipleship

True Discipleship Crandall Gary True Discipleship is a fresh approach to the issue of discipleship. Although evangelical Christians are fairly united as to the goal of discipleship (Christ-likeness), there is a lack of clear direction as to how to get there. Having a correct destination in mind without clear directions in hand is frustrating at every turn. This book seeks to provide that needed direction by laying before believers the biblical light God has provided on how we grow toward Christ-likeness. God's treasure map for that destination calls for us to grow in the knowledge of Jesus. Explaining what that means and how that works is the purpose of this book.


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True Feelings

True Feelings Mahaney/Whitacre Emotions can be confusing. At times, we live at the mercy of our emotions, feeling helpless to understand them and powerless to control them. But the Bible brings clarity to this confusion, showing women that emotions are ultimately a gift from God. In this book, a mother-daughter team offers women a fresh perspective on their feelings straight from God's Word, helping them handle emotions in a way that honors God and others. Pointing women to godly habits and unpacking the role of feelings in everyday life, this book offers hope for flourishing with the emotions that God gave them.


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True Wealth

True Wealth Erfan Mani Mani Erfan grew up in Iran as a faithful Shiite Muslim, but with the help of his fatherÆs courageous actions, he avoided enrolling in the Iranian military and was given the opportunity to come to the United States instead. While studying at the University of Florida, Erfan gave his life to the Lord through a unique experience at a Christian businessmanÆs meeting. Within a few days of accepting Jesus as his Savior, unexpected money showed up in ErfanÆs bank account, a court case was dropped, and he was reinstated at his job. Despite working at various companies that treated Erfan poorly, the Lord told him to stay put. In doing so, Erfan earned millions of dollars and learned importance of being obedient to the faithfulness of God. He then began a successful recycling company, funded by Muslims even though the sole purpose of his ministry was to preach Christianity to followers of Islam. God then told Erfan to quit his job and start a catalyst company, UNICAT. It was a risky endeavor and Erfan had to trust the Lord to carry his family through as he was trying to grow and launch his new business. Through the pages of True Wealth, Erfan expands upon what God has done in his life and he demonstrates the importance of obeying the voice of the Lord, even when you donÆt understand why the Spirit is directing you to do something. Today, Erfan uses the wealth he has amassed in business to reach the Muslim world with the gospel through satellite TV and the Internet. He lives out the principle that, for Christian businesspeople, the goal of gaining wealth and market share is not to stockpile money for personal, frivolous use, but to use the income that God provides to impact the world for the kingdom of God.


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Trumpocalypse-McGuire Anderson

Trumpocalypse McGuire/Anderson From the authors of the bestseller The Babylon Code comes exploration of the enigmatic prophecies surrounding the Trump presidency and the link to unfolding end-time events. Trumpocalypse reveals the president''s mysterious interest in rebuilding the Third Temple in Jerusalem, the coming global economic "reset" announced by International Monetary Fund officials, the occult elite''s secret plan for humanity and campaign of mass deception, why Trump and millions of patriotic "deplorables" are fighting to stop the hidden agenda of the establishment--and how the perplexing chaos enveloping the planet could paradoxically signal the beginning of the great end-time awakening. Here is an invitation to join the anti-establishment surge--the Christian revolution--and discover how to fulfill your own destiny.


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Truth Tag-As For Me And My House Key Tag & Bookmark (Joshua 24:15 KJV

Truth Tag-As For Me And My House Key Tag & Bookmar Broadman & Holman A favorite scripture and a great gift to encourage families to stand with the Lord. This TruthTag matches the "As for Me and My House" bulletin. Each TruthTag is printed on heavy coated stock with a punch-out 2" x 1" key tab and a 2 1/2" x 5" bookmark. Each key tab and bookmark are micro perforated for easy separation.


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Truth Tag-Graduation: Class Of 2018 (Joshua 1:9 KJV)-Graduation

Truth Tag-Graduation: Class Of 2018 (Joshua 1:9 KJ Graduation A great gift to give graduates.This TruthTag matches the "Graduation 2018" graduation bulletin. Each TruthTag is printed on heavy coated stock with a punch-out 2" x 1" key tab and a 2 1/2" x 5" bookmark. Each key tab and bookmark are micro perforated for easy separation


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Truth Tag-Happy Father's Day Key Tag & Bookmark (Proverbs 23:24 KJV)-Fathers Day

Truth Tag-Happy Father's Day Key Tag & Bookmark (P Fathers Day A great gift to give fathers on Father's Day.This TruthTag matches the "Happy Father's Day 2018" Father's Day bulletin. Each TruthTag is printed on heavy coated stock with a punch-out 2" x 1" key tab and a 2 1/2" x 5" bookmark. Each key tab and bookmark are micro perforated for easy separation.



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Truth Tag-Happy Mother's Day Key Tag & Bookmark (Proverbs 31:28 KJV)-Mothers Day

Truth Tag-Happy Mother's Day Key Tag & Bookmark (P Mothers Day A great gift to give mothers on Mother's Day.This TruthTag matches the "Happy Mother's Day 2018" Mother's Day bulletin. Each TruthTag is printed on heavy coated stock with a punch-out 2" x 1" key tab and a 2 1/2" x 5" bookmark. Each key tab and bookmark are micro perforated for easy separation.


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