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Wind Chime-Vintage White-Rejoice (21")-Carson Home Accent

Wind Chime-Vintage White-Rejoice (21") Carson Home Accent


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Winter: 90-Day Devotional

Winter: 90-Day Devotional Broadstreet Pub Winter. It’s a season of celebration. A season of beauty and anticipation. A season of snow flakes and scarves, and watching flames dance in the fireplace. We spend time enhancing relationships with family and friends, sharing meals and attending parties. We exchange smiles with strangers and gifts with loved ones. This 90-day devotional will encourage you to spend some time with God, celebrating the gift of his Son. Experience his life, joy, and peace during the busyness of the celebration season.


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With Love From Me To You

With Love From Me To You Manz-Simon Mary With Love, From Me to You, written by bestselling author Dr. Mary Manz Simon, is a cute, rhyming board book that shows how important it is to love and be loved. The story will encourage children to go out and share the love they feel from God with others.


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With Love Mom-Camp Dawn

With Love Mom Camp Dawn A Mom Loves in the Sweetest Way A mother knows just what her daughter needs: the gentle guidance of her hand and the welcoming refuge of her heart. This collection of touching stories from your favorite Christian bloggers and authors honors the many sweet sacrifices of motherhood. Hear from Rachel Macy Stafford, Holley Gerth, Jennifer Dukes Lee, Wynter Pitts, Rachel Anne Ridge, and more than 30 other beloved voices as they share their journeys and parenting memories to prompt smiles and a deep sense of gratitude. Whether you''re a mom looking for refreshment or a daughter wanting to show your appreciation, this lovely compilation (including gorgeous photography from Dawn Camp) leads the way to Mama''s heart.


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Women Of The Bible Devotional

Women Of The Bible Devotional Barbour Publishing You can learn much from the successes and failures, lives, loves, and legacy of scriptural women—and you’ll find great insights in The Women of the Bible Devotional.


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Wood Pallet Sign-Family (14" x 15.75")-Heartfelt

Wood Pallet Sign-Family (14" x 15.75") Heartfelt


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Wood Pallet Sign-Hello (14" x 15.75")-Heartfelt

Wood Pallet Sign-Hello (14" x 15.75") Heartfelt


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Wood Pallet Sign-Home (14" x 15.75")-Heartfelt

Wood Pallet Sign-Home (14" x 15.75") Heartfelt


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Wood Pallet Sign-Loved (14" x 15.75")-Heartfelt

Wood Pallet Sign-Loved (14" x 15.75") Heartfelt


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Words From The Heart (Amish Letters Novel #3)-Fuller Kathleen

Words From The Heart (Amish Letters Novel #3) (Feb Fuller Kathleen Ivy Yoder thought she had found the man she would marry, but she returns to her Amish community of Birch Creek with a broken heart. When a family friend asks for her help in cleaning out an attic, she's grateful for the chance to get her mind off the betrayal.Noah Schlabach is an Amish auctioneer and is eager to get into his aunt’s attic in search of lost treasures. He loves learning about the past, and he has created a thriving auction business for himself. When he meets Ivy, he suspects his aunt is trying to set them up, but all of that is forgotten when they come across a box of old love letters.While Noah is more interested in potential auction items than love letters, Ivy is swept up in the story of the young couple. She's also fighting her growing feelings for Noah—she can't risk her heart again. But if there is one thing these young Amish people learn from the past, it’s that they must take hold of the gifts of today. With a little help from the letters, and a lot of help from God, Noah and Ivy begin to live in the present, full of love.


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Words Of Faith Paraclete Press

Words Of Faith Paraclete Press


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Words Of Grace-Patty Scott

Words Of Grace Patty Scott Words of Grace: A 100-Day Devotional, is a pastor?s encouragement, written with a congregation in mind, to build a life centered on God?s Word.


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Words To Calm Your Heart Devotional

Words To Calm Your Heart Devotional Ellie Claire Gifts We can struggle with our own battles. Or we can just be still and let God fight for us.



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Words To Cheer Your Heart-Ellie Claire Gifts

Words To Cheer Your Heart Ellie Claire Gifts These five-minute devotions cheer your heart any time you need a word of encouragement.


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Workbook-Understanding Jesus

Workbook-Understanding Jesus Lucido Sebastian Workbook Only

This 104-page workbook designed to accompany the Understanding Jesus Bible study curriculum includes a fill in the blank section for use while viewing DVDs, a key word and definition section, and 5 daily devotions for each of the 10 sessions or weeks of study. No DVDs or video content is included.



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