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You Can Draw The Berenstain Bears-Berenstain Mike

You Can Draw The Berenstain Bears Berenstain Mike In The Living Lights interactive book, You Can Draw The Berenstain Bears, children will find plenty of drawing, learning, and creating. This 64-page book includes a decorated metallic cover, full-color interior and step-by-step tips for readers to draw the Bear Country characters, Mama, Papa, Brother, Sister and Honey Bear in fun and interesting settings.


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You Can Stay Home With Your Kids!-Odom Erin

You Can Stay Home With Your Kids! Odom Erin Investing your life in your family brings you joy, and doing it on a single income doesn?t need to stress you out! Join Erin Odom as she shows you how you can live frugally---and thrive---while you raise your kids at home in You Can Stay Home with Your Kids!


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You Will Not Be Remembered For That

You Will Not Be Remembered For That Moore Olivia Have you made a big mistake? Have your experiences left you shattered? Do you battle feelings of loneliness and fear? Do you feel that your life could just never be the same? Then, you are not alone.


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You're Gonna Love Me

You're Gonna Love Me Hatcher Robin Lee Award winning author Robin Lee Hatcher is back with another beautiful love story that gives Samantha Winters and Nick Chastain a second chance at love after a tragic twist of fate and surprise reunion.

Nick's love of thrills and danger and Samantha's love of safety and security drove them apart two years ago. After her worst fears came true, can they build something new upon the ashes of the past?

Nick Chastain, a brilliant professor of fisheries and wildlife studies at Oregon State University, planned to spend spring break kayaking dangerous rapids in Colorado. But his thrill-seeking ways didn't sit well with Samantha Winters, his girlfriend of over six months. Samantha lost her father in a skiing accident years before and has been fearful ever since. Finally, one argument too many-and a host of harsh words exchanged-ended their relationship. A few weeks later, Samantha emailed an apology, but Nick never replied.

Two years later, Samantha comes to Thunder Creek, Idaho, to nurse her grandmother back to health after an accident. She is shocked when Nick walks into Gran's hospital room and even more shocked to learn that he no longer teaches at the university, a profession he loved with a passion. As Samantha and Nick get to know one another again, Samantha realizes that she should use this time in Thunder Creek to evaluate her life-and her fears-and make some changes for the better. And Nick sets out to prove he has changed far more than Samantha might imagine.


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You've Got It In You

You've Got It In You Swope Renee Bestselling author and Bible teacher Renee Swope shows women how to live in the empowering promises and indwelling power of Christ--so that when all they can see is hard, they can trust God for the how.



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Younique-Mancini Will

Younique Mancini Will Younique exists to help you discover, even in the midst of the chaos, your divine design.



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Your Baby's First Year Week By Week-Curtis Schuler

Your Baby's First Year Week By Week Curtis Schuler


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Your Best Year Ever-Hyatt Michael

Your Best Year Ever Hyatt Michael New York Times bestselling author and America''s mentor offers a research-driven, field-tested system for setting and achieving your professional, relational, financial, spiritual, and intellectual goals in order to have your best year ever.


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Your Dream. God's Plan.

Your Dream. God's Plan. Smiling Tiffany In Your Dream. God's Plan., Tiffany Smiling invites you to join her as she shares the unlikely purpose she discovered when God invited her to exchange her dream for His.


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Your Extraordinary Life

Your Extraordinary Life Virkler M & P LIFE TOGETHER WITH JESUS is a spiritual roadmap for new believers, explaining the new birth, new life, and living in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Subjects covered are wider than most books for new believers and include important topics such as:

-What it means to be born again and what happens at salvation

-Why water baptism is important

-The role of Scripture in a believer's life

-How to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit

-The importance of The Lord's Supper

-How to hear God's voice

-How to overcome and be transformed

-How to deal with trouble

This comprehensive spiritual roadmap for a new believer sets them on the right path, is easy to follow, and ideal to give to a new Christian.


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Your God Is Too Glorious-Bird Chad

Your God Is Too Glorious Bird Chad Pastor and speaker demonstrates that God has always been the Lord of the cross--a Savior who hides his grace in unattractive, inglorious places encouraging readers to dream small and relish the joys of an unaccomplished life.


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Your Holy Spirit Arsenal

Your Holy Spirit Arsenal Urban Wade The Holy Spirit has equipped you for battle!?Believers must be trained to employ their spiritual weapons on the battlefield of life. Too often, they are untrained and ill equipped for life?s spiritual conflicts, so they fail to live triumphantly over the devil?s tactics. Our mission on earth is to enforce victory accomplished through the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ.? - from the IntroductionMany Christians are knowledgeable about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. But simply having the information falls short of actually activating you to live victoriously over the forces of darkness.The gifts of the Spirit can be used as weapons in Spiritual warfare. The Holy Spirit provides these to all believers, but wielding them effectively takes training and practice.Get ready for a supernatural education in the gifts of the Spirit that will inform and activate you to use your Holy Spirit arsenal!As you learn to walk with the Holy Spirit as a mentor, you will grow in your ability to use the gifts for victorious spiritual warfare. Then, put them to work in destroying the enemy?s plans in your life and the lives of others.Discover how to use every weapon in the Spirit?s arsenal:Revelation Gifts: Words of Knowledge, Unctions, Dreams and Visions, Discerning of SpiritsSpeaking Gifts: Tongues, Praying in the Spirit, ProphecyPower Gifts: Gifts of Healings, Prophetic Actions, Working of Miracles…and more!No more feeling conquered and defeated! Walk in victory and power by arming yourself with Your Holy Spirit Arsenal!


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Your Light Gives Us Hope

Your Light Gives Us Hope Grun Anselm Celebrated author and Benedictine monk Anselm Grⁿn offers a daily reader of very simple and often quite direct Advent reflections. Anselm Grⁿn shows the reader how to approach the festive season consciously, making it a blessed time for ourselves and our families. He draws on his experience as a spiritual director to offer practices for personal devotion or for family prayer for each day of Advent. Also included are special reflections for the Sundays of the season. Anselm GrⁿnÆs titles have sold more than 15 million copies in 30 languages. This title brings his spiritual wisdom to American readers who are eager for a new voice among titles for the Advent and Christmas season.


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Your Marriage God's Mission

Your Marriage God's Mission Bragg C & P There are countless marriage books telling couples how to be married--but where are the ones teaching them how to seek and serve God together? Clint and Penny Bragg believe that, just as every individual has a calling from God, every marriage has a specific mission. In Your Marriage, God's Mission, the Braggs demonstrate how to discover that mission by discovering more of Him.
In this weekly guide for couples, the authors help couples begin a spiritual journey over an extended period of time. Readers will learn to engage together by writing a joint marriage mission statement. They'll examine the seven pillars of marriage, learn to safeguard their relationship from division, and awaken to the need for humility and servant leadership in all facets of their marriage. The Braggs help readers to implement innovative ideas to deepen the intimacy in their relationship and to recognize how God's mission unfolds over time.
Informal and practical, with stories from hard-won experience and links to videos of the authors and other couples teaching the content, this book is a fresh look at how couples can learn to intentionally seek God and encounter Him together.


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Your Own Beautiful

Your Own Beautiful Crockett Chelsea A life, faith, and beauty guide for young women, Your Own Beautiful highlights YouTube sensation Chelsea Crockett?s trademark beauty tips while featuring advice on the big issues all girls face---from self-confidence and friendship to following your dreams.


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