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Parents Guide To Understanding Your Childrens Drea

Parents Guide To Understanding Your Childrens Drea Saunders Recie A child with regular nightmares can easily be dismissed by professionals as just overly imaginative or too sensitive. But for any parent at their wits' end over their child's suffering from dreams and nightmares, a deeper understanding is needed. Is it possible that a spiritual dimension is at play?

A ParentÆs Guide to Understanding Dreams and Nightmares by Recie Saunders offers help to concerned parents. With a clear, easy-to-read style, it is an invaluable resource for all parents who want to help their kids know whether a dream is from God, interpret their nightmares, find security in GodÆs control, and hear GodÆs voice in the night season as well as the day.

Drawing on his extensive research on the prophetic, visions, and dreams, Recie also peppers this practical book with stories about his own kids and their dreams. He differentiates between dreams and visions, provides creative ideas for encouraging kidsÆ faith, explains lucid dreaming, and lists the most common images and symbols that come through dreams. Throughout this approachable book is RecieÆs tender, fatherly passion that the kingdom of heaven belongs to the ôlittle children.ö Includes dream journal, descriptions of twenty common dreams, and a dream symbol dictionary.


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Partial butterfly wing marcasite RP MoreAB Divinity

Partial butterfly wing marcasite RP+AB Divinity



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Pass The Joy Please!

Pass The Joy Please! McLeod Carol There is a joy inexpressible and uncontainable that is delivered to a woman's heart when she delivers a baby to the world! When an ordinary woman gazes into the eyes of her baby, joy is real and recognizable; love is unconditional and bottomless.

However, sometimes that delicious joy is lost amidst sleepless nights, potty-training, strong-willed two year olds and never-ending mountains of laundry! When a weary mother is facing yet another day of tantrums, sibling rivalry, last week's dishes in the sink and a house filled with unmade the beds, the joy of motherhood is often no where to be found.

Carol McLeod is the mother of five and the "Marmee" to currently seven precocious and precious little people. When it comes to the days of being overwhelmed with the demands of children, she "gets" it. Carol understands the desire to be the world's greatest mom and yet falling on your face à day after day after day.

Carol is a mom who deeply cares about the next generation of women who are raising their children to make a difference in the world. She has written this devotional from the wealth of years of motherhood and from a heart that knows the true source of joy.

If you have forgotten how to giggle or sing with your children à then this book is for you!
If you have lost yourself in the quagmire of whining children à then this book is for you!
If you have screamed at your children this week for no reason other than they were acting like children à then this book is for you!

If you long to wring the joy out of motherhood à then this book is for you!


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Paul The Apostle: A Graphic Novel-Avery Ben

Paul The Apostle: A Graphic Novel Avery Ben


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Pauses For Advent Hudson Trevor

Pauses For Advent Hudson Trevor



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Pave stick antiq brush RP Divinity

Pave stick antiq brush RP Divinity



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Pebble round drop antiq brush RP Divinity

Pebble round drop antiq brush RP Divinity



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Pen-In Christ Alone w/Gift Box

Pen-In Christ Alone w/Gift Box Christian Art Gift This elegant ballpoint pen is subtle yet makes a statement and carries a bold message. Ephesians 2:8 says ôFor it is by grace you have been saved, through faithùand this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.ö This pen illustrates that message through displaying the statement, ôIn Christ Aloneö reminding the user that it is Christ who is the sustainer of life.

This pen is a beautiful metallic shade with gold accents throughout. The pen easily opens and closes with a simple twist action at the top of the pen. A clip has also been added to attach to a notebook or organizer for extra convenience. This pen makes the perfect gift for business men and women wanting a sophisticated look with an inspiring message.
Metal Ballpoint Pen
Twist Action Retraction Mechanism
Packaged in a Matching Gift Box


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Pentecost To Present Trilogy Set

Pentecost To Present Trilogy Set Oliver Jeff Complete set of Pentecost to the Present. The author has carefully researched what evidence and reports there were in the early Church, and found that far from dying out, the Pentecostal sparks continued to spread through the known world. These three volumes give documented historic evidence of signs, wonders and miracles, leading to a massive expansion of the Church to the present day. Book One: Prophetic and Spiritual Gifts Movements covers the period from the early Church through the Middle Ages when much of northern Europe was converted through miracle-working missionary monks.

Book Two: Reformations and Awakenings covers the period from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century, including the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and how that affected Christianity both in Europe and the new World. Book Three: Worldwide Revivals and Renewal brings us up to the present day, sparked by the Welsh Revival of 1904-5 and Azusa Street in 1906 followed by the charismatic renewal and the global rise of Pentacostalism.


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People's Prayer Book-Tan Imitation Leather-Evans Francis

People's Prayer Book-Tan Imitation Leather Evans Francis


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Perennials Cantrell Julie When two estranged sisters reunite for their parents’ 50th anniversary, a family tragedy brings unexpected lessons of hope and healing amid the flowers of their mother’s perennial garden.Eva—known to all as Lovey—grew up in Oxford, MS, surrounded by literary history and her mother's stunning perennial gardens. But a garden shed fire and the burns suffered by one of her best friends seemed to change everything. Her older sister Bitsy blamed her for the fire—and no one spoke up on her behalf. Bitsy the cheerleader, Bitsy the homecoming queen, Bitsy married to a wealthy investor. And all the while, Lovey blamed for everything that goes wrong.At eighteen, Lovey turns down a marriage proposal, flees from Oxford and the expectations of attending Ole Miss, and instead goes to Arizona—the farthest thing from the South she can imagine. She becomes a successful advertising executive, a weekend yoga instructor, and seems to have it all together. But she's alone. And on her 45th birthday, she can't help but wonder what's wrong.When she gets a call from her father—still known to everyone as Chief from his Ole Miss football days—insisting that she come home three weeks early for her parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration, she's at wits end. She's about to close the biggest contract of her career, the one that will secure her financial goals and set her up for retirement. But his words, "Family First," hit too close to home. Is there hope for her estranged relationship with Bitsy after all this time?Eva's journey home, to the memory garden her father has planned as an anniversary surprise for her mother, becomes one of discovering roots, and truth, and love, and what living perennially in spite of disappointments and tragedy really means. Eva thought she wanted to leave her family and the South far behind . . . but she's realizing she hasn't truly been herself the whole time she's been gone.


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Photo Frame-Noah's Ark (Holds 4 x 6)-Precious Moments

Photo Frame-Noah's Ark (Holds 4 x 6) Precious Moments


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Pi Fright Skates Into Trouble

Pi Fright Skates Into Trouble Madder Tracey What happens when Pi Fright is tempted by a top-of-the-line new skateboard? Will he make the right choice, or will he take money that doesn?t belong to him to make his dream come true? Pi learns that prayer is the answer when you have a hard decision to make.Children and their parents alike will fall in love with the Frights. This funny and endearing family of monsters will teach kids the importance of talking to God first when they are afraid, when things go wrong, or when they need guidance for making good choices. And they will learn that God always answers prayer.


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Pillow-Amazing Grace (12 x 24)-Carson Home Accent

Pillow-Amazing Grace (12 x 24) Carson Home Accent


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Pillow-Angels' Arms (12 x 24)-Carson Home Accent

Pillow-Angels' Arms (12 x 24) Carson Home Accent


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