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Step Into The Beauty Of Holiness-Pressey Jacqueli

Step Into The Beauty Of Holiness Pressey Jacqueli This women's devotional assessment book will guide readers on a spiritual healing journey through short daily devotionals and guided prayers targeting the mind, heart, body, and soul/spirit. Along this journey, you will develop an inner spirit which radiates the beauty of holiness in your life. You'll be challenged to personally examine your motivations and pray specifically each day on topics that have taken the writer fifteen years to perfect through application and experience in living in the beauty of holiness.


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Stepparenting With Grace-Grace Gayla

Stepparenting With Grace Grace Gayla Stepparenting with Grace offers a soothing salve and a holy nudge of daily encouragement for anyone navigating the unique dynamics of a blended family.


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Still in the Hands of God-Sawyer Robert Paul

Still in the Hands of God Sawyer Robert Paul A true life story of one woman's mental health journey as seen through the eyes of her spouse and caregiver.

Follow the memories of a husband who deeply cares for his wife, both trying to figure out how to live one day at a time. When it appears there is nothing left for which to hope, through the hardships of this married couple, God shows others they too can trust the Lord in difficult times. This book offers inspiration, renewed determination and conviction-all wrapped in love.

A moving, unforgettable story that will make a difference in your life, your marriage, and your family.



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Still Moments In The Presence Of God

Still Moments In The Presence Of God Bethany House Let this inspiring devotional with beautiful color photos remind you of the steadfastness of God''s promises for you in the uncertain world around you. As you take a few moments each day to meditate on the verses and thoughts and pray to the God who listens, you will receive calming assurances of God''s love and care.


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Stones Of Remembrance

Stones Of Remembrance Amen Daniel G This inspirational companion to Memory Rescue, Dr. Daniel Amen?s groundbreaking book, is an invitation to discover the healing power of Scripture meditation and memorization as an intentional spiritual discipline.There is a reason the Bible calls us over and over again to ?remember.? Remembering God?s acts, promises, and guidelines for living is essential to a healthy spiritual life. And as part of regular spiritual practices such as Scripture meditation and memorization, it can contribute to a healthier mind and body as well?reducing stress, increasing brain capacity, and even helping to reverse problems like memory loss.Stones of Remembrance includes:Key Scriptures to memorize and meditate on so they?ll always be with you when you need to be inspired, challenged, or comfortedAn introduction to the biblical and biological basis for ?remembrance? as a healthy life habitTips for incorporating Scripture meditation and memorization into your life and increasing your memory capacityWhether purchased as a gift or as a practical spiritual follow-up to Memory Rescue, Stones of Remembrance is a wonderful resource to help cultivate the healing power of God-focused remembering.


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Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart For Teens-Greear J D

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart For Teens (May 2 Greear J D In this teen edition of Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart, Greear and Gaston unpack the doctrine of assurance, answering the tough questions about assurance: What exactly is faith? What is repentance? Why are there so many warnings that seem to imply we can lose our salvation? Teens will learn that salvation rests solely on their response of repentance and faith toward the finished work of Christ.


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Stories Of Divine Healing

Stories Of Divine Healing Clark Randy Strengthen Your Faith, Receive Your Miracle!Testimonies are not simply stories that we tell, record in a journal somewhere, and forget about them; they are supernatural invitations to see miracles repeated! The God who healed will heal again. The God who turned an impossible situation around will come through again?it?s just Who He is!Through this unique compilation of amazing miracle testimonies, Randy Clark will help strengthen your faith to believe God for whatever healing miracle you need!Get ready to:Be inspired by over 100 faith-stirring miracle testimonies, documented, categorized and indexed for easy accessReceive supernatural encouragement by reading real-life healing testimonies of allergies, blindness, cancer, deafness, diabetes, heart problems, chronic pain, Parkinson?s disease, stomach problems, tumors, and much more!Strengthen your faith to receive your personal breakthrough by reading and practicing Randy Clark?s simple teaching on how to activate the miracle testimonies in this bookExperience the Holy Spirit?s healing presence that continues to hover over miracle testimonies.Every miracle recorded in Healing Miracles is God extending a powerful invitation to you. The testimonies confirm that Jesus is both able and willing to heal whatever sickness you?re facing.Now, get ready to lay claim to your own healing miracle!



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Story Of Chanukah

Story Of Chanukah Silberg Francis Ba An approachable way to introduce young children to the story of Chanukah



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Stranger No More

Stranger No More Parsan Annahita The riveting true story of one refugee’s miraculous escape first from Iran, then from imprisonment in Turkey, and her gradual discovery of freedom, hope, and the inexplicable love of Jesus, which she now shares with others who are leaving Islam behind.Annahita Parsan was born into a Muslim family in Iran and grew up with the simple hope of one day finding a good husband, having children, and doing some good in the world. Married and a mother before she turned eighteen, Annahita found herself unexpectedly widowed and trapped for years in an abusive second marriage that she later fled--discovering instead a God who might love her.He Saved Me is the remarkable true story of Annahita’s path from the oppression of Islam to the life-changing hope of Jesus. Fleeing Iran across the mountains into Turkey, she spent months in the terrifying Agri prison before a miraculous release and flight to Europe, where she and her two children knelt in a church and prayed, “God, from this day on we are Christians.”Filled with unthinkable circumstances, miraculous rescues, and the quietly constant voice of Jesus, He Saved Me leads readers deep into the heart of God and draws them toward the same call that Annahita heeds today: using her past to save others from theirs. As the leader of two congregations in Sweden, Annahita has baptized hundreds of former Muslims since her own conversion, has seen firsthand the powerful ways God is at work among those who have left Islam behind, and is reminded every day that saying yes to God is always worth the risk.


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Straw Cup-Easter 2018-Butterflies Easter Blessings-Divinity

Straw Cup-Easter 2018-Butterflies Easter Blessings Divinity


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Straw Cup-Easter 2018-Watercolor Easter Blessings-Divinity

Straw Cup-Easter 2018-Watercolor Easter Blessings Divinity


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Strawcup-Amazing Woman-650ml-Divinity

Strawcup-Amazing Woman-650ml Divinity



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Strength For Service To God And Country

Strength For Service To God And Country Harvell Ron & Mars Experience gratitude for country and love of God with these 365 daily devotions.



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Stretch Bracelet-Glass Bead & Cross (6 Assorted Colors)-Howards Jewelry

Stretch Bracelet-Glass Bead & Cross (6 Assorted Colors) Howards Jewelry


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Striped shell antiq brush RP Divinity

Striped shell antiq brush RP Divinity



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