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The Evolution Of The West (Expanded Edition)-Spencer Nick

The Evolution Of The West (Expanded Edition) (Jan Spencer Nick



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The Exceptional Leader-Toler Stan

The Exceptional Leader Toler Stan No matter the level of your leadership ability, Stan Toler helps develop the traits of young leaders while retooling the mindset and principles of seasoned leaders. It calms the fears and boosts the confidence of all untrained leaders and serves as a refresher course for seasoned leaders.


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The Extra Special Baby

The Extra Special Baby Woodward Antonia A long time ago, a long way away, some very clever men discovered a very exciting promise! Read about the baby that was so extra special that life on earth would change forever, in this exquisitely illustrated Christmas picture book, full of warmth.



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The Extraordinary Life Of A Mediocre Jock-Kluck Ted

The Extraordinary Life Of A Mediocre Jock (May 201 Kluck Ted Join Flex on His Quest to Be Cool Like most middle schoolers, Flex’s mind is on a million different things—school, sports, friends, girls (of course), and yeah, he’s thinking about God too. More than any of these thoughts, Flex is obsessed with one thing—being cool. But how can Flex attain awesomeness when he’s so amazingly average at, well…EVERYTHING?!? Football could be his ticket out of seventh-grade obscurity, but then Coach sticks him with a boring jersey number and reassigns him to the most unglamorous position on the entire team. His parents aren’t helping, either. They won’t even let him bring his iPod to school like the other kids do. At least, his parents love him and love the Lord. That’s HUGE. And just when Flex thinks life couldn’t any more complicated, he finds himself suddenly drawn to KK, the mysterious drama girl. She’s homeschooled and in ninth grade. KK is totally different…and a little exciting. Will Flex ever be considered cool? In God’s eyes, maybe he already is.


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The Farewell Discourse And Final Prayer Of Jesus (Repack)-Carson D A

The Farewell Discourse And Final Prayer Of Jesus ( Carson D A Respected scholar and cofounder of The Gospel Coalition presents an illuminating study of Jesus''s message to his disciples after the Last Supper, the night before his crucifixion (John 14-17), in which Jesus proclaims the coming of the Holy Spirit and prays for himself, his followers, and the world.



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The Final Race: The Story Of Eric Liddell-Eichinger Eric T

The Final Race: The Story Of Eric Liddell (Apr 201 Eichinger Eric T On July 19, 1924, Eric Liddell was on top of the world.He was the most famous Briton at the time, having just won the gold in the Olympic 400-meter race. The story of that race?and the one he didn?t run?was told in the popular movie classic Chariots of Fire.But what most of us don?t know is what became of Eric Liddell in the years after the credits rolled. As the storm clouds of World War II rolled in, Eric had already made decisions in his life that gave him the resilience to stand tall while others fell into despair. His strength of character led him to choose an uncertain future in China during World War II in order to continue helping the Chinese. He lived purposefully even as his world crumbled and he experienced the horror and deprivations of a Japanese internment camp.Eric?s story is a story of hope in the face of uncertainty, resilience in the face of unspeakable odds, and inspiring vision of what life means, even when the final hour comes.The first race you run isn?t your most important one. It?s the final race that matters most.You won?t want to miss this story of an Olympian who chose the better way.


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The Frequency Of The Supernatural

The Frequency Of The Supernatural David Michael The supernatural is a very real dimension.If we could grasp the intersection of the spirit realm and science, what difference would it make in our daily lives?This groundbreaking work reveals how science, God, the spirit realm, and quantum physics all function together. When you discover how to tap into these supernatural frequencies, you can operate in greater dimensions of spiritual power.Through these pages, you will:Gain a greater authority in your prayer life and become more effective in intercessory warfareUnderstand how miracles are released and how you can access the power of GodExperience a renewed sense of wonder at the God of Creation and bring your worship to new dimensionsOperate in increased levels of discernment, recognizing the difference between sound science reinforcing Kingdom truth, and pseudo-science mixed with deceptive thoughtGrow in confidence to share your faith using the concepts of science and the supernatural to address people?s relevant questions about GodWhen you understand the Quantum science of the supernatural, you will be equipped with keys that unlock new measures of Kingdom power, intercessory authority and supernatural miracles in your life!


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The Gift Of Prophetic Encouragement-Kitterman Debbie

The Gift Of Prophetic Encouragement Kitterman Debbie Full of powerful testimonies and practical application, this book helps you break out of your comfort zone and embrace a lifestyle of encouraging others--just as Jesus did. Learn how to deepen your relationship with God, open a direct line of communication with him, share his words with others, and change the atmosphere and lives of others everywhere you go.



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The Girls' Guide To Conquering Life-Catherman Erica

The Girls' Guide To Conquering Life Catherman Erica Packed full of practical, step-by-step instructions and helpful advice from successful women, this illustrated guide helps girls gain confidence and develop life skills.


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The God Impulse-Alexander Jack

The God Impulse Alexander Jack Drawing on the story of the Good Samaritan, a ministry leader and Bible teacher reveals the powerful impact we can have when we follow Jesus''s example of engaging people with truth clothed in mercy.



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The Golden Vial (Legends Of The Realm #3)-Locke Thomas

The Golden Vial (Legends Of The Realm #3) (Mar 201 Locke Thomas With the realm under threat and an ailment sweeping the land, the last remaining hope may come from an unlikely source--a young, orphaned servant with untested and untrained abilities.


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The Gospel For Muslims-Anyabwile Thabiti

The Gospel For Muslims Anyabwile Thabiti If you wanted to share the gospel with Muslims, could you? There are over three million Muslims living in the United States today. Soon, if not already, you will have Muslim neighbors and coworkers. Does the thought of reaching out to them with the gospel make you nervous? How can you effectively communicate the good news with such large theological differences? The Gospel for Muslims can help make sharing your faith easier than you think.Thabiti Anyabwile, himself a convert from Islam to Christianity, instructs you in ways to discuss the good news of Christ with your neighbors and friends. The Gospel for Muslims allows you to focus on the people rather than the religious system. Meant for the average Christian, it is not an exhaustive apologetic or detailed comparative study of Christianity and Islam. Rather, it compellingly stirs confidence in the gospel, equipping the reader with the basics necessary to communicate clearly, boldly, and winsomely.


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The Gospel-Centered Life Thune Robert H

The Gospel-Centered Life Thune Robert H


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The Great Escape (Secret Of The Hidden Scrolls #3)-Thomas M J

The Great Escape (Secret Of The Hidden Scrolls #3) Thomas M J A thrilling chapter book about a brother, a sister, and a mysterious scroll that hurtles them through time to the Israelites’s escape from Egypt


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The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club-Mass Market-Brunstetter Wanda

The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club-Mass Market Brunstetter Wanda Stitch by stitch, six unlikely lives are transformed with a little help from an Amish widow’s quilting classes. . .and the healing hand of God.


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